Top Artificial Intelligence as a Service Provider in India in 2021

Top Artificial Intelligence as a Service Provider in India in 2021

Artificial intelligence is the way of the future when it comes to digital transformation.

Artificial intelligence has evolved from a once-obscure technology into a standard toolbox for software development and design. Without a question, artificial intelligence (AI) is the way of the future when it comes to digital transformation. Robotization, DevOps phases, the internet Chabot, and mechanical technology are all examples of upcoming IT advancements using artificial intelligence. This article lists the top artificial intelligence as a service provider in India.

Zensar Technologies

Zensar Technologies is one of the popular Indian AI companies that has offered remote working in the long-term post-pandemic. It is a technology consulting and services company with 10,000 associates in 33 global locations. More than 130 leading enterprises depend on their expertise to be more disruptive, agile, and competitive. It focuses on conceptualizing, designing, engineering, marketing, and managing digital products and experiences for high-growth companies looking to disrupt through innovation and velocity.

Talentica Software

Talentica Software is an innovative offshore product development company with an extensive focus on start-ups. In the last 18 years, the company has successfully empowered 170+ start-ups to produce their own success stories. It has a dedicated team of 450+ problem solvers across 9 technology excellence groups: AI/ML, blockchain, bigdata, DevOps, UI/UX, mobile, wearables, and more. Altogether, it brings an experienced and cost-effective remote team with a vast portfolio of tech expertise.

Artivatic Data Labs

Artivatic Data Labs is one of the leading artificial intelligence service providers in India. The company was established in 2016. The artificial intelligence company offers an exclusive range of services in terms of end-to-end AI solutions, connected-intelligence-data-genome, taste, health, lifestyle, fitness software development. The company has talented experts to give quality service and better solutions. They focus on client satisfaction and the best place to work. is a digital house that is built to the target-driven digital marketing solution and artificial intelligence. has become an esteemed artificial intelligence developer company for its quality of development. They offer end-to-end artificial intelligence development. is an artificial intelligence implementation service company from 2013 with a head office in Gujarat, India. The company provides services such as website designing and development, artificial intelligence development, E-commerce development, artificial intelligence in the finance sector.


Affle is a global technology company with a proprietary consumer intelligence platform that delivers consumer engagement, acquisitions, and transactions through relevant Mobile Advertising. The platform aims to enhance returns on marketing investment through contextual mobile ads and also by reducing digital ad fraud. Affle's mTraction Enterprise BU focuses on helping companies to go online through platform-based app development that enables thriving start-ups and giant enterprises to solve complex business challenges through mobility solutions.

Zackriya Solutions

Zackriya Solutions is a Government of India recognized start-up based out of Bangalore. It is a technology design house and service provider in the field of artificial intelligence. The company has proven expertise in AI & ML, building automation-based products and solutions. It has core expertise in the prediction and analysis of data using deep learning and machine learning models. The team also can train and implement these models on servers, microcontrollers, and mobile devices.

vPhrase Analytics Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

vPhrase Analytics Solutions is another artificial intelligence development company in India that has a lot of experience in the field of web designing and development. They have highly qualified experts and experienced campaigners in the company who can provide first-class services to their customers. Their work becomes very cost-effective mainly for which customers carry with them the long journey. They have been working since 2015.

ThirdEye Data

ThirdEye Data leverages artificial intelligence and big data technologies to build AI applications for enterprises worldwide. It is a Silicon Valley-based one-stop shop for data sciences, analytics, and engineering services and products. The company has a decade of experience in building end-to-end technical solutions for Fortune 500 companies and start-ups worldwide. Its services help organizations transform knowledge into strategic and tactical insights for informed and timely business decisions.

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