Top 10 AI Sentiment Analysis Tools Companies Should Use in 2022

Top 10 AI Sentiment Analysis Tools Companies Should Use in 2022

Sentiment analysis examines a big amount of opinionated data to obtain economically useful knowledge

Sentiment analysis is the process of mining vast amounts of natural text documents to identify the subjective opinions of a large number of people on a specific issue. Sentiment analysis, in essence, examines a large volume of opinionated information to derive economically relevant knowledge. Sentiment analysis, which is a subset of the Big Data market, is frequently used to streams of social media material, online reviews, survey replies, blogs, and new products. As a result, statistically measuring content that often incorporates numerous shades of subtle human moods is a difficulty for sentiment analysis.


In essence, Brand24 is a multimedia monitoring tool, and sentiment analysis is simply one of the tools you can make use of. Online 2.0 social media surveillance is provided by Brand24. All major online networks, blogs, forums, websites, news websites, podcasts, and newsletters are covered by the tool. Brand24 captures real-time mentions and provides comprehensive media monitoring statistics. As a result, it's one of the most effective sentiment analysis tools available.


The sentiment analysis tool from Clarabridge is part of the company's Customer Experience Management system, which also includes CX Analytics and CX Social. They utilise an 11-point scale to rate the emotion of the stuff they've gathered. When rating a piece of writing, grammar, context, industry, and source are all considered. This sentiment classification tool is ideal for gathering client feedback and determining whether it is favourable, negative, or neutral.


Repustate is a sentiment analysis application that offers text analytics in 17 different languages to enterprises. The technology initiates a technique known as part-of-speech labelling, which is focused on the deconstruction of chunks of text into grammar sections before the real analysis begins. Once you've completed this step, it'll be much easier to determine which words are the most intriguing in terms of sentiment analysis.

SAP HANA Sentiment Analysis

SAP HANA is, without a doubt, a huge instrument capable of handling a wide range of digital duties. Sentiment analysis is only one among them. HANA's ability to provide a visual representation of sentiment is one of its strengths in sentiment analysis. The "tag cloud" depicts the various emotion-laden phrases used by users in real-time. Analysis, Distinct Values, and Raw Data are the three choices provided by the programme. The programme may be configured to do a straightforward positive-negative analysis.


The company's bigger Content Analytics platform includes the OpenText Sentiment Analysis Tool. It's a complex classification system for detecting and analysing emotional patterns and sentiment expresses in textual data. There are three stages of examination: subject, sentence, and documentation. It's programmed to determine whether the text is factual or subjective.


The sentiment analyser is just one of the services offered by ParrallelDots, an applicable AI research organisation. Their services are divided into three categories: products, APIs, and plugins, which includes their sentiment analysis tool. Their sentiment analysis API classifies a text blob's sentiment as positive or negative using Long Short Term Memory (LSTM) techniques. LSTMs model phrases as a series of context-dependent forget-remember choices.

IBM Watson Tone Analyzer

The Tone Analyzer, which is backed by IBM Watson's core AI infrastructure, evaluates online emotions and "tones" in what individuals publish, from Tweets to comments to random social networks. Consumer service and support are a priority for Tone Analyzer. This might be its greatest asset. Tone Analyzer will track support interactions to see if phone representatives are being kind and helpful, as well as if they are genuinely answering the queries. Tone Analyzer is a tool that may be included in chatbots.


Lexalytics has you covered whether you're processing large amounts of text data, require security to operate the system behind the firewall, or would like to modify and customise your text analytics. They say that although many tools can tell us who's talking and what they're talking about, and some of those technologies can tell us how those individuals are feeling, only Lexalytics can tell you why they're talking. The study of audience sentiment may have a significant influence on the bottom line of your company.

Hi-Tech BPO

Hitech is a powerful sentiment analysis programme that offers data science, market intelligence, data processing, and a sentiment analysis tool, among other services. They take delight in interpreting meaning from text, voice, emoji, photos, and graphics in product and service reviews. There is no set fee, so if you're intrigued by their services, fill out the contact form for business queries with a few specifics about your requirements.

Expert System's Cognitive Automation

Expert System's Cognitive Automation is designed to understand like that of a regular person. It is computer-assisted, combining the speed and computer uniformity of software with the nuance and colour background of a human user to some extent. This data-intensive analytical effort can be aided by a method known as RPA (Robotic Process Automation). The use of language processing by Cognitive Automation aids in the data analysis of an unstructured text.

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