Top 5 Emotional AI Trends for the Healthcare Industry in 2023

Top 5 Emotional AI Trends for the Healthcare Industry in 2023

Emotion AI technology can be used to develop better human-machine interactions and has the potential to transform various industries and sectors. Emotional AI uses machine learning to monitor, analyze, interpret, record, and even, in some cases, predict human emotions A wide range of businesses and startups uses Emotion AI trends and predictions to grow their business. But it has a significant role in the healthcare industry and this has heightened a markable increase in the Emotion AI market. This video presents the top 5 Emotion AI trends for the healthcare industry in 2023.

Supporting Autistic Individuals

According to data, one in every 60 children in India is now suffering from autism spectrum disorder and this number is constantly increasing. ASD deficiency causes a loss of capacity to comprehend and interpret others' feelings. Emotion AI combined with video conferencing helps autistic people to understand the emotional condition of those with whom they are communicating. 

Diagnosis Of Mental Health Issues

During the Covid pandemic, many humans have demonstrated signs of distress because of the emotional toll that appeared in the crisis. Emotion AI software can help doctors with the diagnosis of diseases such as depression and dementia by using voice analysis. 

Assisting Doctors and Nurses

When there are large queues of patients in the waiting lobby, Emotion AI can be used to monitor facial expressions to prioritize patients who are facing utmost discomfort and may need urgent care. Particularly in the case of virtual consultations, Emotion AI can provide doctors with vital information about a patient's attitude.

Pregnancy care

Studies show that emotional states like stress, anxiety, and anger can be relevant risk factors during the pregnancy phase. Emotion AI technology can help gauge the emotional status of pregnant ladies and take timely action to help them deal with the mental issues afflicting them.

Patient care

Emotion AI is used to remind older patients on long-term medical programs to take their medication. It also converses with them every day and monitors their overall well-being. The Nurse bot listens to their problems, helps them to express their emotions, and never lets them feel lonely.

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