Top 5 AI Stocks for the Long Term Growth in 2023

Top 5 AI Stocks for the Long Term Growth in 2023

This article enlisted the top 5 AI stocks for long-term growth in 2023

The promotion of artificial intelligence has developed enormously over the last year. While AI has legitimate applications, Wall Street sometimes gets ahead of itself. Identifying the leaders now can drive stock portfolio returns in the years to come.

  1. Microsoft

Beginning with enterprise software and adding the cloud platform Azure just over a decade ago, Microsoft has successfully developed as a technology company. The business is now making a new turn to incorporate AI into its business model. The company behind ChatGPT, OpenAI, has worked together for a long time. Instead of providing pages of links like a search engine, this AI chatbot provides information in a language-based format.

  1. Alphabet

Some contend that ChatGPT and Bing threaten Alphabet's dominance over search engines, but this is a pretty lofty claim. Alphabet's flagship business, Google Search, is the world's prevailing web search engine, with a stunning 93% portion of the overall industry of searches. Moreover, Alphabet has a ChatGPT rival being developed called Google Bard. Investors should never make assumptions and always check the facts, but calling for Google's demise may be premature.

  1. Upstart

Beyond language models, artificial intelligence goes beyond. Upstart is disrupting the financial industry by utilizing AI. Instead of relying on banks' traditional credit scores, the lending technology company uses artificial intelligence to approve consumer loans. Upstart claims that it can identify risk more effectively than a credit score, facilitating the provision of credit to minorities and other qualified borrowers that a credit score might overlook.

  1. SentinelOne

Demand for cybersecurity experts is high; A data breach can result in damages totaling more than $9 million for a US enterprise. SentinelOne has the potential to represent the industry's next generation of technology. The Singularity Platform of the company uses AI to autonomously identify and respond to threats. Human analysts or antivirus software, which cannot recognize threats it has never encountered, have traditionally performed this task.

  1. Lemonade

Even though insurance is the oldest industry on this list, Lemonade has continued to establish itself. Lemonade is an insurance technology company that has replaced the traditional specialist network with AI chatbots that handle customer care and interaction claims through a smartphone app. Lemonade can insure you in 90 seconds and process your claim in three minutes, whereas GEICO claimed that you could save money in 15 minutes.

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