Top 10 Open-Source AI Software to Know in 2022

Top 10 Open-Source AI Software to Know in 2022

Open-source AI software is in huge demand in AI companies to boost productivity in 2022

AI companies are growing exponentially across the world by leveraging cutting-edge technologies such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, and many more. Open-source AI software is in high demand in these AI companies to help in training models with algorithms and sufficient relevant data. Multiple AI software is known for offering developers and AI companies the to build intelligent applications. AI companies use open-source AI software for the automation of mundane tasks, predictive capabilities, intelligent decision-making, creating conversational interfaces, and many more. Let's explore some of the top ten open-source AI software to install and use in 2022 for more productivity.

Top ten open-source AI software in 2022

TensorFlow is one of the top open-source AI software and is known as an end-to-end open-source machine platform. The open-source library helps AI companies to train machine learning models. It has a comprehensive ecosystem of tools, and libraries, and pushes the state-of-the-art while deploying machine learning-based applications.


PyTorch is one of the best AI software with multiple features and capabilities as an open-source artificial intelligence and machine learning framework in AI companies. It boosts the path from research prototyping to production deployment. It offers production-ready modes, distributed training, performance optimization, a robust ecosystem, as well as cloud support.


Caffe is a well-known deep learning framework created with expression, speed, as well as modularity. It supports artificial intelligence models and optimization by configuration without any hard-coding as an open-source AI software. It helps to switch between CPU and GPU by setting a single flag for training on a GPU machine.


OpenCV is one of the leading AI software offering consulting services in vision and artificial intelligence. AI companies use this open-source AI software because artificial intelligence algorithms can detect and track objects with detection models down to 600 Kb in size. It can be used for multiple applications such as AR clothes fitting, workout analysis, and many more.


Tesseract is an open-source AI software released under Apache License that helps in Unicode and the ability to recognize over 100 languages out of the box efficiently and effectively. AI companies use this software for recognizing other languages. It is also used for text detection on smart devices such as mobile devices, video, and also in Gmail image spam detection.

Apache SystemML

Apache SystemML is one of the top AI software to use in 2022 focused on reflecting the change of focus to the end-to-end data science lifestyle. It is an open-source AI software and machine learning system covering data integration, feature engineering, distributed machine learning model training, and many more. It offers a stack of declarative languages with R-like syntax to AI companies.


OpenNN is a popular and effective AI software providing a framework for the research and development of neural network algorithms and applications. It is a comprehensive implementation of the multilayer perceptron neural network in the C++ programming language with multiple objective functionals and training artificial intelligence and neural network algorithms.


Torch.AI is an open-source AI software that helps to unlock human potential with artificial intelligence making data easier to use. The Nexus software of Torch.AI discovers meaningful value from data and helps humans and machines to be more productive. AI companies use this software for its highest performance data processing platform that boosts processing times as well as decreases operational costs.

Apache Mahout

Apache Mahout is popular for creating scalable performant artificial intelligence and machine learning applications in AI companies. It is a distributed linear algebra framework offering mathematically expressive Scala DSL, supporting multiple distributed backends, and modular native solvers for CPU/GPU/CUDA acceleration.


Deeplearning4j is one of the top open-source AI software as well as a suite of tools for running deep learning in AI companies. It enables the training of artificial intelligence models from Java while interoperating with the Python ecosystem with a mix of Python execution. There are multiple submodules such as same diff, Nd4j, Libnd4j, Python4j, and many more. 

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