Top 10 Must-Know Applications of Artificial neural network

Top 10 Must-Know Applications of Artificial neural network

With the advancement in technology, we get to see industries transforming like never before. Out of the wide range of technical aspects, artificial neural network (ANN) is one area that has catered to the needs of the business. Today, there are not one, not two, but numerous applications of artificial neural network. In this article, we will talk about the top 10 must-know applications of artificial neural networks. Have a look!

Social media

The extent to which we use social media these days is simply an indication as to how much dependent we are on it and that it is probably impossible to lead our lives without it. In the midst of all this, artificial neural networks stand the potential to study the behaviours of social media users. There is a vast amount of data shared every day via virtual conversations on social media. All of this is racked up and analysed for competitive analysis.


Technology seems to be no less than a blessing for the healthcare industry. Be it CT scan, X-ray detection or ultrasound, artificial neural networks have made it so simple. Well, that's not all. Drug discovery, keeping track of patients' data, image processing, etc. are all done using ANNs.

Finance management and forecasting

For a business to sustain itself, it is important that adequate steps are taken when it comes to planning the future. With ANNs in place, organizations can find solutions for their business issues, analyse risks and forecast future growth/profits.


Considering how reliant all of us have become on E-commerce, it is quite obvious that technology will have something to offer here as well. Artificial neural networks can remember the person's preferences and accordingly come up with recommendations.


Aerospace is yet another interesting area that takes complete advantage of neural networks. Right from securing the aircraft control systems, fault diagnosis, modelling key dynamic simulations to high-performance auto-piloting, ANNs do it all.

Stock market prediction

The number of people investing in stock markets is exponentially increasing. With this increase, what comes along is the urge to know what the future pertaining to stock markets holds. This is where artificial neural networks come into play. A Multilayer Perceptron (MLP), that comprises of multiple layers of nodes, is the backbone here.

Weather forecasting

Weather forecasting couldn't have got any easier – thanks to the advancement in technology. MLP, Convolutional Neural network (CNN) and Recurrent Neural networks (RNN) form the base for weather forecasting. A combination of these models can also be used to forecast the weather.


Words cannot suffice the importance of defence. Neural networks have a pivotal role to play in this area as well. Logistics, air patrols, armed attack analysis, maritime patrol, object location, controlling automated drones, etc. are just a few of the many areas where ANNs are used.

Facial recognition

These days, facial recognition is found in almost all the major electronic applications. Yet again ANNs take this to their credit. CNNs are used for facial recognition and image processing.

Signature verification

There are numerous frauds that happen as a result of signature forgery. Well, we can detect such activities as well. Artificial neural networks can be used for verifying the signatures – both offline as well as online.

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