Top 10 Fitness Apps That Use AI and Machine Learning Models

Top 10 Fitness Apps That Use AI and Machine Learning Models

Top fitness apps are built mainly on artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning models.

In the 21st century, artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning are becoming commonplace. Both are becoming more important components of current workout routines. AI has become intrinsically connected to health and fitness. AI, according to technologists, improves everything. When it comes to fitness, it has the potential to empower the app by dramatically increasing engagement, which may lead to long-term income. The AI-enabled apps can give users a variety of advantages. It may save money for a fitness enthusiast, for example, because an artificial intelligence fitness trainer is less expensive than a human trainer, but joining a gym might be expensive or impossible to integrate into our busy life. In addition, AI-powered fitness software may make a workout more interesting and enjoyable. Here, we will mention top fitness apps which work on AI and machine learning models.


FitnessAI is an app that uses artificial intelligence to develop personalized training programs for each user. This app began as a gym-only app, but it recently shifted gears to accommodate the growing demand for at-home exercise. Simply, every time a user works out, FitnessAI optimizes weight lifting sets, repetitions, and weights for each activity, pushing them to grow muscles effectively. In other words, the example of this app demonstrates how machine learning might be used to create a fitness schedule. According to the seller, this software's algorithm has been trained on 5.9 million exercises. Over three years, 10 million sets, repetitions, and weights were collected from over 30k expert weight lifters and gym visitors. The app is said to contain one of the world's largest weightlifting databases and promises to outperform any human personal trainer.


Freeletics, unlike FitnessAI, does not promise to be better than a human trainer. Despite this, it is advertised as Europe's #1 fitness app, allowing users to work from anywhere while receiving AI-assisted physical fitness instruction. The app's coaching algorithm provides exercise and nutrition advice based on user input, scientific research, and personal preferences. Over 3.5 million distinct options are reported to be used to generate a customized exercise. According to Freeletics' CEO, 85% of customers enjoy the workouts that the AI generates, calling them "perfect" afterward. Freeletics features a community page where users can interact, exchange successes, and inspire one another in addition to fitness coaching.

Aaptiv Coach:

Aaptiv Coach, the company behind a famous audio-based fitness software, has announced the introduction of a new service. It took three years to create and is Aaptiv's most important product innovation since its founding. Proprietary recommendation algorithms and interaction data fuel the service. Personal fitness and lifestyle programs are personalized to each user based on their particular objectives, current exercise levels, eating habits, and data gathered through wearable devices such as a wristwatch or activity tracker by an AI-based assistant.

This is the most popular health and fitness app in India. To boost user experience and growth, the app's designers rely significantly on big data and artificial intelligence, with machine learning (ML) being used to build exercise regimens. The backend of the app is said to be a complex collection of over 100 subsystems or "microservices," each one customized to solve a specific problem. They are enhanced over time by utilizing some sophisticated machine learning models that have been trained on "millions and billions of data points."


Professional baseball has authorized Whoop as a fitness band for usage in games. Whoop's main benefit over other fitness bands, according to the vendor, is the quantity of data it gathers and sends to the cloud for processing, which may be up to 100 gigabytes per user each day. The wearable can help you sleep better and recover faster. To replicate the sleep phases manually given by polysomnography professionals, Whoop's engineers employed training machine learning (ML) algorithms. This is how the app's automatic sleep-staging experience is created. It can also predict performance pressure on the first day by comparing a user to others in the team, and due to AI, it can learn how they respond over time and assist them in getting back on their feet.


Asensei is a linked iOS coaching software that allows Olympic athletes and world-class trainers to supervise and monitor their training. The software guides and corrects a user's workout using motion capture sensors included in everyday sportswear. Customers may now follow coaching programs while benefiting from the newest artificial intelligence technology.


Fitbod creates customized training routines for its customers that change over time depending on their objectives and success. It maximizes outcomes by using several algorithms and machine learning (ML) to modify training volume based on previous exercises. The software offers a tailored program based on the users' exercise objectives, experience, body type, and availability of equipment. It shows a range of exercises, as well as the sets, repetitions, and weight to use, so you don't have to think about what to do when you go to the gym. It's like having your trainer with you at all times.


InfiGro is a completely automated AI-based digital personal trainer software that uses your phone camera to coach, evaluate, correct, and inspire you in real-time. Infivolve's InfiGro transforms your phone into a fitness trainer. To keep your mental health in shape, you may also check your nutrition and use our guided meditation tracks.


Gymfitty is another AI-based personal trainer that employs advanced algorithms to analyze each user and their training routine, inventing and adapting routines as needed, exactly like having your trainer right there with you. Gymfitty delivers intelligent exercises based on your performance rather than pre-recorded routines.

Vi Trainer:

Vi Trainer is a virtual running coach that utilizes artificial intelligence to motivate you to run more often while providing you with a completely tailored training plan to help you achieve your objectives. Vi will ask you certain information once you install it, such as your gender, age, current fitness level, major objectives, and so on. Vi will begin guiding you toward your objectives in real-time as soon as you start using the app. It will generate dynamic and enjoyable training experiences personalized to you based on your performance. These exercises may be done both inside and outside. Biosensing headphones are also included with the Vi Trainer.

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