Top 10 Disruptive Data Science Startups Globally

Top 10 Disruptive Data Science Startups Globally

10 Most Disruptive and Innovative Data Science Startups in the World

Data science is the field of using data, algorithms, and technology to extract insights, solve problems, and create value. Data science is reshaping numerous sectors and fields, including healthcare, finance, education, and entertainment. Data science is also driving innovation and disruption, as new startups emerge and challenge the status quo with their data-driven solutions and products.

According to the web search results, many data science startups are making waves in the market, with their unique value propositions, cutting-edge technologies, and impressive growth. Here are some of the most disruptive data science startups in the world, based on their market potential, customer satisfaction, and social impact:


Hex is a data science startup that provides a workspace for collaborative analytics and data science. Hex allows users to import, analyze, visualize, and share data and create interactive dashboards and reports. Hex also integrates with various data sources, such as Snowflake, Databricks, and Google Sheets. It supports various languages.


A data science firm called MindsDB makes it possible for anybody to ask predicted questions about their data and get precise responses by utilizing the power of machine learning. MindsDB is an open-source platform that automates the entire machine learning pipeline, from data preparation to model training to deployment. MindsDB also integrates with various databases.


A data science business called PolyAI develops a machine learning platform with a focus on conversational artificial intelligence. PolyAI uses deep neural networks and natural language processing to create conversational agents that can understand and respond to natural language queries and commands. PolyAI also offers a suite of tools and services to help businesses create and deploy custom conversational applications.


 Cribl, a startup in the data science domain, aids businesses in constructing and expanding big data analytics solutions and workflow tools. Cribl is a data observability platform that enables users to collect, process, route, and analyze data from various sources.


A data science firm called Imply offers real-time data ingestion and visualizations made specifically for streaming and event-driven data flows. Imply is based on Apache Druid, an open-source distributed data store that can query and analyze large volumes of data in milliseconds. Imply also provides a cloud-native platform that can scale and manage Druid clusters, as well as a user interface that can create and explore interactive dashboards and charts.


A data science firm called Stord offers cloud supply chain services to companies looking to gain insight and control over their stock. Stord is a software-enabled network that connects brands with warehouses, carriers, and fulfillment centers and provides a single platform to manage and optimize their inventory, orders, and shipments. Stord also leverages data and machine learning to provide insights and recommendations to improve supply chain performance and efficiency.


A data science firm called dbt Labs creates an analytics engineering tool that gets raw data from the warehouse ready for analysis. dbt Labs is a cloud-native platform that enables users to write, test, document, and deploy SQL code that transforms data into analytical models. dbt Labs also provides a collaborative environment that allows users to share and reuse code and a user interface that allows users to track and monitor data quality and lineage.

Starburst Data:

Starburst Data is a data science startup that develops an SQL query engine that can access and analyze data across different sources. Starburst Data is based on Presto, an open-source distributed query engine that can query data from various databases, data lakes, and cloud storage.


DataRobot is a data science startup that provides an automated machine learning platform that can build and deploy predictive models. DataRobot uses artificial intelligence and best practices to automate the entire machine learning lifecycle, from data preparation, to feature engineering, to model selection, to deployment. is a data science startup that provides an open-source machine learning platform that can build and deploy artificial intelligence applications. uses distributed computing and in-memory processing to create and train machine learning models, such as deep learning, gradient boosting, and natural language processing.

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