Top 10 Celebrities Who are Investing in AI Startups

Top 10 Celebrities Who are Investing in AI Startups

Top 10 celebrities of America, England, are investing in AI Startups who work on AI technologies.

Artificial Intelligence is one of the most disruptive technologies today, and it's a wonderful way for businesses to meet their hyper-growth goals. AI is transforming organizations, industries, and people's lives with a variety of applications in big data, cloud computingdata analytics, and more. Several investors from across the world are interested in AI startups. The majority of AI startups in the best-funded and most promising independent startups are from the United States or China or England, with a few other nations represented. The benefits of AI are evident in a variety of areas in each of these important countries, but each country's focus appears to be slightly different. Top celebrities are investing in AI startups nowadays. The top 10 celebrities, investing in AI startups are listed below.

Joe Montana, American Football Player

Joe Montana, a former NFL quarterback, has been on the board of Liquid 2 Ventures, a seed-stage firm, since 2015. Mike Miller, who co-founded Cloudant, a database service sold to IBM (artificial intelligencecloud computing-based company) in 2014, and Michael Ma, who co-founded TalkBin, a consumer feedback platform sold to Alphabet subsidiary Google in 2011, are among his partners. Within the first two years, the venture capital firm has invested in GitLab, Crowd Cow, Rappi, Captain401, and more than 90 additional AI startups firms.

Jay – Z, American Rapper

While Beyonce has been in the spotlight recently, Jay-Z has been quietly at work. He was one of Uber's first investors. Jay Z invested in the company's Series B round in 2011 when it was only worth US$ 300 million. The company's current market worth is estimated to be US$ 62.5 billion. Roc Nation, the rapper's music and entertainment company has created a new business arm called Arrive to help smaller companies get off the ground.

Ellen DeGeneres, American Comedian

The comedian, presenter, actor, and entrepreneur are always on the lookout for fresh trends and businesses to invest in. The talk show presenter invested in music app chosen established the Heads-Up app and launched a digital network for content from online stars like Tyler Oakley through her Ellen Digital Ventures joint venture with Warner Bros. Ellen Digital Ventures serves as an umbrella brand for Ellen's TV show, allowing her to reach people on the web, through social media, and through gaming. EllenTube and Ellen's Dance Off were established by Ellen Digital Ventures. In 2012, Yahoo paid US$ 10 million for the firm, but not before talk show personality, Ellen DeGeneres put in an unknown sum.

Kobe Bryant, American Basketball Player

After a 20-year career with the Los Angeles Lakers, the former Lakers player retired from the NBA at the age of 37. He began his second profession as a venture capitalist at that time. Bryant partnered with investor Jeff Stibel to create a US$ 100 million technology fund. Since 2013, the two have made informal investments in 15 different firms. The US$ 100 million will be used to fund IT, media, and data firms over the next four years.

Leonardo DiCaprio, American Actor

DiCaprio's financial portfolio is as lengthy and remarkable as the number of films on which he has worked. He's also one of those actors that want to keep up with the latest technology. DiCaprio's investment in MindMaze is the most recent in a long line of investments he's made. Rubicon Global, a trash business, Qloo, a data analytics company, Casper, and LoveTheWild, a sustainable food company, are among his other ventures. MindMaze is a five-year-old Swiss company that focuses on virtual reality technologies for the healthcare business. The business received a US$ 100 million investment round in February 2016, valuing it at about US$ 1 billion, making it a so-called AI startups unicorn.

Bono, Irish Singer-Songwriter

Bono wears a lot of headgear. The Rise Fund was created by the singer-songwriter, philanthropist, and now entrepreneur. It's a company that specializes in private equity investments. Last year, Bono partnered with TPG to launch the rising fund, which raised US$ 2 billion to focus on commercial initiatives with a social or environmental effect.

Rapper Nas, American Rapper

Nas is a successful angel investor who founded the venture capital firm Queensbridge Venture Partners. The business invests in a wide range of start-ups, including healthcare, financial technology, and Bitcoin. Queensbridge, a Los Angeles-based venture capital firm, has invested in more than 40 start-ups in fields as diverse as financial technology, healthcare, and music production. His Queensbridge Venture Partners was an early investment in Ring, a digital firm that makes Wi-Fi cameras and doorbells., American Rapper, the software business created by the multi-faceted artist and creative inventor, and a seven-time Grammy Award winner, earned US$ 117 million in venture investment in 2012. While the business began by focusing on consumer gadgets such as headphones, it has since expanded its search to include artificial intelligence products that recognize voices. Omega has been used to power an AI customer service chatbot since July 2017, and the business hopes to add a voice phone system soon.

Elton John, English Singer-Songwriter

AXA Strategic Ventures and Elton John have contributed US$ 6.5 million to Qloo, which touts itself as the cultural artificial intelligence data platform. Qloo looks into publicly available and open-source data to see whether there are any trends in consumer preference in areas including music, cinema, television, books, podcasts, consumer goods, fashion, eating, and travel.

Ashton Kutcher, American Actor

Ashton Kutcher has been investing in businesses long before it was fashionable. In 2009, he supported Foursquare and Skype, increasing his US$ 1 million investment in the video chat network when Microsoft purchased it. In 2011, Kutcher, Ron Burkle, and Guy Oseary formed A-Grade Investments, a venture capital firm. Kutcher is also a co-founder of Katalyst, a digital media, television, and film production business.

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