Top 10 Career Opportunities in Artificial Intelligence in 2024

Top 10 career opportunities in artificial intelligence that you should know in the year 2024
Top 10 Career Opportunities in Artificial Intelligence in 2024

Artificial intelligence career opportunities have been recently increasing due to increased demand in industries. The hype that AI will create a plethora of new jobs is justified. A career in AI appears to be more promising than any other job available today. As a result, artificial intelligence is a lucrative job opportunity that will significantly help aspirants advance their career opportunities. Career opportunities in artificial intelligence are rapidly expanding, offering roles in machine learning, data science, and robotics.

However, before learning about the career opportunities available in the field of Artificial Intelligence, it is necessary to understand what Artificial Intelligence is and what AI careers you can pursue.  Exploring career opportunities in artificial intelligence can lead to innovative and high-paying positions in various industries.

In this article, we have given brief information on various. Let’s have a brief discussion about the top 10 Career Opportunities in Artificial Intelligence sector. 

1. Big Data Engineer

The role of a Big Data Engineer is to create an ecosystem in which business systems can interact efficiently. Their primary responsibility is to generate and effectively manage big data for an organisation. They must also perform the function of obtaining reliable results from big data.

When compared to other AI roles, being a big data engineer will pay well. A Big Data Engineer's average salary is Rs.8.7LPA. As a result, it is easy to see how these jobs in Artificial Intelligence will provide you with massive salary opportunities.

2. Data Scientist

Data scientists assist in the collection of relevant data from multiple sources to analyse it and draw constructive conclusions. The conclusions reached apply to a wide range of business-related issues. Data scientists make predictions based on data patterns, as well as past and present information. A Data Scientist's average salary starts at Rs.8.7LPA. The career is very lucrative, and the addition of several certificate courses on AI has greatly increased the number of job roles in Artificial Intelligence. The surge in demand for Data scientists has created numerous career opportunities in artificial intelligence across the tech sector.

3. Machine Learning Engineer

Machine Learning (ML) is widely recognised as a subset of Artificial Intelligence. It runs simulations with the various data sets provided and produces accurate results. Machine learning engineers are responsible for developing and maintaining self-running software that supports machine learning initiatives. A Machine Learning Engineer's annual salary is approximately Rs.7.34LPA.

4. Business Intelligence Developer

The responsibility of a Business Intelligence Developer is to consider business acumen in addition to AI. They identify various business trends by analysing large amounts of data. This is accomplished by obtaining simulated data that has previously been fed to the AI and obtaining concrete results from it.

They contribute to a company's profits by planning, developing what's planned, and nurturing business intelligence solutions. A Business Intelligence Developer's annual salary is Rs. 6.6 LPA.

5. Research Scientist

Research scientists conduct extensive research on machine learning and its applications. As a research scientist, you must know applied mathematics, statistics, deep learning, and machine learning. A Research Scientist's annual salary is Rs.7.8LPA.

6. Product Manager

In the field of artificial intelligence, a product manager's role is to solve difficult problems by strategically collecting data. You should be able to identify issues that are impeding business operations. The following step is to collect related data sets to help with data interpretation. Following data interpretation, the product manager must estimate the business implications of the results. A product manager's annual salary is approximately Rs. 17.5 LPA.

7. AI Engineer

AI engineers are problem solvers who develop, test and apply Artificial Intelligence models. They know how to manage AI infrastructure. They use machine learning algorithms and an understanding of neural networks to create useful AI models. An AI engineer's average salary is around Rs.6 LPA.

8. AI Data Analyst

The primary responsibility of an AI data analyst is to perform data cleaning, data mining, and data interpretation. The Cleaned data collect the information required for data interpretation. They remove any unnecessary data to ensure that the data interpretation process is not hampered. Data Scientists earn an average of Rs.4.7LPA.

9. Robotics Scientist

People may face job losses as a result of the emergence of robotics in the field of AI. In turn, jobs will be created as major industries continue to rely on robotics scientists to programme their machines. The robots will help in fulfilling the tasks efficiently. Career opportunities in artificial intelligence primarily, as a Robotics scientist, provide a chance to work on cutting-edge technologies and shape the future of various fields.

A master's degree in computer science, robotics, or engineering is required. A Robotics Engineer's annual salary is approximately Rs. 4.48 LPA.

10. NLP Engineer

Natural Language Processing (NLP) engineers are artificial intelligence (AI) specialists who specialise in human language, including both spoken and written information. NLP is used by engineers who work on speech recognition, voice assistants, document processing, and so on. Organizations expect an NLP engineer to have a specialised degree in computational linguistics. They may also be open to candidates with degrees in mathematics, computer science, or statistics. An NLP engineer's starting salary is $78,000, rising to more than $100,000 with experience. It is one of the best career Opportunities in Artificial Intelligence for candidates to enhance their skills and proficiency. 

An NLP engineer's starting salary is $78,000, rising to more than $100,000 with experience.

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