Top 10 Artificial Intelligence Research Companies to Know in 2021

Top 10 Artificial Intelligence Research Companies to Know in 2021

The Artificial intelligence culture has taken the world by storm. Famous AI companies namely Google, Apple, Microsoft, etc. work round the clock to discover ground-breaking innovations and prospects that AI has under its wings.

AI technology has spearheaded in almost every sector possible. Healthcare and Education sector have benefitted the most from it. AI research, for several reasons, have gained importance over the decades. Laboratories are crowded with scientists and experts who indulge into breakthrough researches.

The AI industry has known to have broken strong records in which artificial intelligence start-ups have raised around $33 million in the previous year, 2020. This is reflective of the ongoing nature of the artificial intelligence technology and industry on a whole that refused to succumb to the many consequences of the pandemic.

This article talks about 10 most amazing companies are making phenomenal breakthroughs by extensive AI research and weaving new prospects on AI applications. Lay below a list of few:

1. Ascent

Industry- Fintech

Ascent is a Chicago-based company that specialises in automating and managing compliance programs for financial firms. It has its dealings with those financial firms that are supported by cloud technology and artificial intelligence that ensure to keep programs powerful and safe at even times of crises. The cloud solutions of this company are strong enough to deal with real-time problems by devising out real-time solutions.

2. Riskified

Industry: E-commerce

Based in New York, Riskified is driven by Artificial intelligence to aid e-commerce sites to filter its authentic customers and reducing rough operations, thereby creating a seamless customer experience. With an intense AI research, Riskified has now evolved to produce scalable solutions for its clients to make instant real-time decisions to keep frauds at bay.

3. Cylance

Industry: Cybersecurity

Cylance is a cybersecurity company that understands the needs of incorporating cybersecurity measures in business organisations and sectors as cyber attacks continue to grow. Performing intense research on AI, machine learning, and algorithmic science to understand the nuances of these technologies, the company directs them towards fulfilling ethical purposes and sharpening the performances of cybersecurity tools and technologies.

4. Moveworks

Industry: Information and Technology

Moveworks specialises in offering customer service interface. The customer service interface draws the support of artificial intelligence and deep learning to solve IT report issues. Moveworks works for supporting start-ups that often go hay wire in managing logistical functions. The services provided by Moveworks makes sure to curtail strain on IT professionals and carrying out tasks on time.

5. Grammarly

Industry- Education, Productivity and Writing

How many of you were aware of the fact that Grammarly too is standing on the shoulders of AI? Grammarly is a software, running with the support of AI. An application indispensable for writers, researchers and the student body, Grammarly helps them with spelling and grammar. With its unique AI integrations, it catches grammatical errors and spellings within seconds after reading the document. Grammarly is striving to enhance its AI tools to increase the productivity of its subscribers.

6. Tempus

Industry- Healthcare, Biotech, Big Data

Located in Chicago, Illinois, Tempus is operating vehemently in the healthcare sector. With the backing of artificial intelligence, Tempus works at providing precision medicine, which means that medicines and treatments are customised according to the healthcare needs of an individual. Tempus, in recent days, is focusing on AI research to unearth cancer break throughs.

7. Datarobot

Industry- software and big data

Understanding the importance of machine learning and artificial intelligence for business bodies, DataRobot works to deliver best AI and ML services that predict the best possible solutions for challenges by designing innovative models.

8. Narrative science

Industry- Big Data

It specialises in creating Natural Language Generation models that translates data into stories that are easy to comprehend as raw data itself is quite complicated. Knowing that storytelling is an art, it creates stories out of data that contain all the insights, help businesses to be prudent in their undertakings.

9. Alphasense

Industry- Fintech

Alphasense is a rising fintech company that runs itself on AI powered measures to aid Fortune 500 companies and big business organisations.

10. ClariFai

Industry- Software

ClariFai, the platform, specialises in image recognition that helps its clients to make a seamless and effortless experience of their media. It deals with the organisation of images and videos using intelligent technology.

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