Top 10 Artificial Intelligence Companies from the Middle East to Follow in 2023

Top 10 Artificial Intelligence Companies from the Middle East to Follow in 2023

Artificial intelligence companies in the Middle East are aiming to change the tech market dynamics

The impact of artificial intelligence on businesses is quite indisputable, starting from using predictive analytics for businesses to personalized recommendations to customers, AI is increasingly introducing efficiencies and profits to business operations. AI is changing how companies work, especially AI companies in the Middle East enabling other businesses to sustain a competitive advantage over others and successfully serve to fulfill the industry needs. Experts believe that there is an unspoken potential among the artificial intelligence companies originating in the Middle East. As soon as the fourth industrial revolution began, governments and businesses across the middle-eastern region realized the potential of artificial intelligence and worked towards shifting their processes to adopt more such disruptive technologies. Some of the best artificial intelligence companies in the Middle East are aiming to enhance the economic impact over the region, so for others, being left behind is not the reason. Here, we have listed the top AI companies for 2023 that originate from the Middle East and are changing the dynamics of the tech industry.

Unicsoft offers end-to-end custom AI solution development services. Starting from prototype to MVP, and to full-fledged AI solution development and integration with the existing AI infrastructure, the company is dedicated to making artificial intelligence assignments succeed. It also helps clients to understand which AI solution is the best for applications, based on their offerings and solve complex problems for them.

Celadon is basically a European company that also serves the Middle Eastern market. The company has a strong team of engineers specialized in AI software development services. Celadon also develops backend technologies that might often be difficult to develop, even for technical people and business leaders.

Sigma Technologies' primary vision is based on the principles of excellence, integrity, and respect and care for customers to provide enhanced satisfaction and the means to handle industry demands. The company offers several turnkey solutions when it comes to providing end-to-end IT infrastructure services. It provides a single-point reference for various ICT infrastructure solutions like data centers, ELV, CCTV, networking and security, and AI and tech consultancy. 

Neoteric has offices all over the world, including the Middle East and African markets, the company has associate partners like Dell, Epson, HP, Philips, and several others. The company also caters to the sourcing requirements of IT products for many of its esteemed clients in various regions and delivers complete end-to-end solutions to them.

Reliable Robotics is a leader in the robotics and AI domain in the Middle East. The company is at the forefront of developing several major technologies in the areas of robotics and AI. The team aims to build an ecosystem of robots and automotive technologies to enable smart services in airports, banking, hospital, and educational sectors through innovation and other initiatives.

CSP Solutions identifies itself as an innovative and value-driven company offering crucial solutions covering various sectors and vertical global markets. The company has well-renowned tech vendors like Microsoft, IBM, Intel AI, SAP, and Oracle to offer a rich portfolio of cloud and on-premise solutions covering most industries. The company also offers efficient IoT solutions to connect machines to the cloud, generate insightful data and train these machines, anytime and from anywhere.

Twerlo is a customer-centric company that is focused on offering digital solutions to businesses that are looking to enhance the customer experience with their brand. The company is focused on adding value to brands to increase their efficiencies, reduce operational costs and boost their profits while offering customers an enhanced experience.

 The leaders at Folio3 software started out with the mission to advance innovation, integrity, and agility in the tech industry. The sole focus of the company is to deploy its rapid prototyping methodology, its proprietary internal tools, mobile application frameworks, and develop Innovation-as-a-Service. Folio3 is a NetSuite Alliance Partner for the UAE tech market to introduce a clear, transparent, and sophisticated process so that businesses can create key competencies for their audiences.

Affan Technologies offers artificial intelligence and machine learning consulting services that will enable users to navigate the evolving tech landscape and bring them closer to their customers. The team introduced an unmatched team of experts who belong to multiple streams like AI and combine it with business intelligence to provide enhanced experiences to the target audiences.

Q3 Technologies

Q3 Technologies has offices in several parts of the world, including the UAE. The company has come a long way as a technology service provider to some of the largest and most recognized companies in the world. Over the course of these years, the company has perfected its processes, mastered its development, and deliver advanced methodologies, creating a unique approach to solving its customer needs.

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