Top 10 Artificial Intelligence Bootcamps for 2023 Batch

Top 10 Artificial Intelligence Bootcamps for 2023 Batch

The article presents a list of the top trending artificial intelligence bootcamps to attend in 2023

The world is changing at an unprecedented speed. The inevitable development of the internet is artificial intelligence. The development of artificial intelligence has altered several aspects of our everyday life. For qualified individuals eager to learn more about their business and network with thought leaders, attending artificial intelligence bootcamps can be a worthwhile experience. For people who are looking to explore themselves with artificial intelligence bootcamps but aren't sure where to start, we encourage you to check out this comprehensive guide, this will provide you with ideas about some best AI bootcamps to take your career to the next level. Along with some of the top artificial intelligence bootcamps in the world, you'll find advice on how to pick the one that will best serve your aspirations for a career in artificial intelligence. Below, we are listing the top 10 artificial intelligence bootcamps for the 2023 batch to have an eye on.

Great Learning

Great Learning has more than 20 professional programs available on its platform, some of which are specialized in data science, business analytics, and cybersecurity as well as AI and machine learning. Due to Great Learning's partnerships with schools and universities, the length and level of commitment for the artificial intelligence bootcamps vary. Even a recent AI-focused bootcamp for high school students that didn't require any coding experience was highlighted by Great Learning.

4Geeks Academy

4Geeks Academy has campuses across the United States, Latin America, and Europe and has been named by Newsweek as one of the best coding bootcamps in the country. The organization provides full-stack developer and software engineer programs in addition to a machine learning-specific route. A "flipped classroom" is a component of their teaching strategy, where theory is presented through videos, infographics, etc. while class time is used for discussion, debate, and project creation. Moreover, 4Geeks boasts a mentor-to-student ratio of 1:5.


The School of Artificial Intelligence offers 17 AI nanodegree programs, including Deep Learning, AI for Healthcare, AI Programming with Python, and Intro to Machine Learning (TensorFlow). On their website, they state that their courses are "very interactive with activities like quizzes and exercises interspersed between short films and conversations with teachers and industry experts." The course will last anywhere from 1-6 months, depending on the topic.


Machine learning, data science, coding, design, digital marketing, product management, finance, and cybersecurity are among the subjects covered in Xccelerate's courses. The full-time programs include options like Immersion Data Science & Machine Learning and are described as "16-week immersive bootcamps for career changers." The 5–8-week course length for the part-time programs includes both evening and weekend classes.

Bloom Institute of Technology

The 6-month online data science program is offered by the Bloom Institute of Technology, formerly known as Lambda School, and covers subjects like predictive modeling, data engineering, machine learning, and computer science. Participants are expected to spend an average of 5-7 hours per day studying and programming as part of the "rigorous" programs.


There are two formats for the online Data Science and Machine Learning Bootcamp: full-time (14 weeks with live instruction) and part-time (28 weeks with on-demand lectures). Graduates of the Metis bootcamp have landed jobs at prestigious businesses including Amazon, Aetna, Comcast, Fitbit, Apple, and United. Participants in the "career week" held after graduation receive résumé and interview preparation assistance from counselors.


One of the company's core programs is Machine Learning, AI, and Deep Learning, which is available through both in-person and virtual classrooms. (Both options take 16 days). Basics of machine learning, an overview of artificial intelligence, an introduction to R programming, data extraction and manipulation, clustering, and other topics are covered.


BrainStation refers to itself as a "global leader in digital skills training, empowering businesses and brands to succeed in the digital age." The business has collaborated with some of the biggest and most well-known worldwide titans, such as Google, Amazon, IBM, Facebook, and Adobe. The full-time or part-time bootcamps offered by BrainStation are focused on data science, UX design, web development, or digital marketing. These project-based, 400-hour programs are accessible online or in person at a few places across the world.


AI bootcamps focused on data, design, coding, cybersecurity, and tech sales are available on Springboard. More than half of the curriculum for the 6-month-long, 100% online ML bootcamp specifically focuses on "production engineering abilities to demonstrate to hiring managers that you are job-ready." Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pandora, and Zoom have all hired bootcamp alums.

The Tech Academy 

The artificial intelligence bootcamps at the Tech Academy include machine learning, artificial intelligence, and data visualization. In addition to computer programming and web development, the curriculum covers more than "600 hours of study content and activities," ultimately qualifying participants for entry-level careers in data science. A 16-week full-time course or a 30-week part-time program are the two options available.

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