Top 10 Amazing AI-based Android Apps You Should Try in 2023

Top 10 Amazing AI-based Android Apps You Should Try in 2023

We'll talk about a few popular, top 10 revolutionary Android apps for artificial intelligence in this article

Numerous stakeholders use AI-based Android applications for a variety of purposes. Every stakeholder in this range, for instance, from a large corporation to a basic Android phone user, has a different reason for employing mobile AI applications. Businesses are aiming to incorporate AI into their operations or software for a variety of reasons, including better customer service, interactivity, and round-the-clock support, among others. Here are the top 10 outstanding AI-based Android applications for 2023.

  1. It is a personal assistant for Android devices that uses artificial intelligence. You can use your applications hands-free using Google Assistant. It also offers functions for controlling your household appliances, although they work differently. As a result, Google Assistant can make it simple for you to use your phone and manage and run your home's electrical appliances. Saying "Ok, Google!" is the only thing you need to do to start using it.

  2. The voice assistant service Alexa uses artificial intelligence. The sophisticated voice assistant assists you with a variety of tasks, including managing items on your smart devices, playing music, getting weather updates, and setting reminders. Home automation can also benefit from Alexa's connection with the Internet of Things (IoT). Controlling your electronic devices, such as fans, lights, etc., is one example.

  3. One of the top companion apps for chatbots powered by AI. Replika enables you to create a sympathetic AI-based virtual friend. The software assists users in finding a human-like companion with whom they may engage in fruitful dialogue or chat about a variety of subjects.

  4. One of the top AI apps for Android phones is FaceApp. Users can modify their images with its assistance. Face App offers a great selection of AI filters, backdrops, effects, and other tools to help you enhance your images. With just one tap, you can get a flawless, lifelike edit. You won't ever have to spend hours photoshopping again because it is so simple to use.

  5. Microsoft created the artificial intelligence-based software Cortana. Similar to Google Assistant, Cortana can perform things like playing music, setting alarms, making calls, creating reminders, reading the news, searching the web, etc.

  6. English Language Speech Assistant, or ELSA, is a program that aids users in learning the language. Additionally, it aids in enhancing speech and pronunciation. Artificial intelligence underlies the operation and monitors and evaluates your development over time, among other things. It creates a progress report for each person based on this data.

  7. A Google AI-based educational program is called Socratic. It was designed to cover a variety of subjects, including science, math, literature, and social studies. With the assistance of teachers, Socratic provides you with graphical explanations of key ideas in each area. The text and speech recognition function of Socratic aids in locating the most pertinent learning resources for you. Socratic is among the top artificial intelligence apps for Android thanks to all of these capabilities.

  8. Microsoft SwiftKey is a smart AI-based keyboard that recognizes your writing style and helps you type more quickly and accurately. Emojis, GIFs, and stickers can be typed and sent using your custom keyboard. To fit your typing style, including slang, nicknames, typing patterns, frequently used words, and emojis, the Microsoft SwiftKey swipe keyboard is constantly learning and adapting.

  9. Data Bot is a miniature pocket robot powered by AI that serves as your assistant. You can interact with it in many different ways, such as through conversing, asking questions, and holding dialogues.

  10. The Siftr Magic software seems to be designed for photographers. With the help of Siftr Magic's features, you can find garbage photos and get the superior image and repetition suggestions. So, if you adore snaps, go buy them right away.

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