Top 10 AI Technology to Watch Out For in 2023

Top 10 AI Technology to Watch Out For in 2023

Do not miss out on these AI technologies in the year 2023

Artificial Intelligence is bringing something new day by day! AI technology have definitely made things easier for us. There is more to AI technology than Natural Language Generation and stuff. Undoubtedly, the year 2023 too has Top 10 AI technology in its name. The article enlists 10 AI technology to watch out for in 2023.

Natural language generation

Machines transmit and interpret information differently than the human brain. A popular method called "natural language generation" transforms structured data into the user's native tongue. The amount of human intervention will be greatly reduced as data is transformed into the desired formats. Charts, graphs, and other visual representations of the data are available.

Image Recognition

The technique of finding and detecting a feature in a video or an image is referred to as image recognition. In addition to considerably assisting image searches, it may also be used to look for licence plates, identify diseases, and examine people's personalities. This technology service is offered by Clarifai, SenseTime, and GuGum's.

Speech recognition

Another significant branch of artificial intelligence is voice recognition, which transforms spoken language into a form that computers can utilise and comprehend. The bridge between human and computer interactions is speech recognition. The technology can translate and recognise human speech in a variety of languages. A well-known example of speech recognition is Siri on the iPhone.

Marketing Automation

Teams and divisions in marketing and sales have embraced AI and reaped several rewards as a result. The use of automated client segmentation, customer data integration, and campaign management techniques that incorporate AI is common. AdextAI has developed into an industry leader in the use of marketing automation.

Content Creation

Although humans who work on films, advertising, blogs, and white papers create content, companies like Hearst, USA Today, and CBS use AI to generate content. Automated Insights' wellknown Wordsmith technology uses natural language processing (NLP) to construct news articles.

Decision Management

Decision management systems are being implemented by contemporary businesses for the conversion of data and its interpretation into predictive models. Decision management facilitates rapid decision-making, risk mitigation, and process automation. The decision management system is widely used in the financial, healthcare, trade, insurance, and e-commerce industries, among others.

Machine Learning

A kind of artificial intelligence called machine learning enables computers to understand large data sets without having to be explicitly trained. Business decision making is aided by machine learning technique when data analytics are carried out utilising statistical models and algorithms. In order to gain from machine learning's use in a variety of fields, businesses are investing extensively in this field. By evaluating customer data, retailers use machine learning to forecast shifting consumer preferences and behaviour.

Cyber Defense

A computer defensive mechanism known as "cyber defence" tries to identify, stop, and neutralise attacks and threats against data and system infrastructure. In order to develop learning technologies that can uncover suspicious user activity and identify cyber risks, machine learning techniques can be combined with neural networks that can handle sequences of inputs.

Robotic process automation

Artificial intelligence is used in robotic process automation to programme a robot (software application) to understand, communicate, and analyse data. This branch of artificial intelligence assists in automating repetitive, rule-based manual tasks to some extent or completely.

Deep Learning Platforms

Another area of artificial intelligence that relies on artificial neural networks is deep learning. This method encourages computers and other devices to learn by doing, much like people do. Because neural networks have hidden layers, the word "deep" was created. To automate predictive analytics, a hierarchy of algorithms is used. Deep learning has gained traction in a variety of industries, including the aerospace and military to recognise things from satellites, worker safety by identifying danger situations when a worker is near a machine, cancer cell detection, etc.

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