Top 10 AI Recruiting Tools to Make Your Hiring Process Easier

Top 10 AI Recruiting Tools to Make Your Hiring Process Easier

Here are the top 10 AI recruiting tools that will make your hiring process easier

Through predictive analysis, artificial intelligence (AI) enables businesses to automate the hiring process. It accomplishes this by using machine learning to match candidates to the most appropriate job profiles.

By 2020, 65% of HR businesses are already using AI-based recruiting tools for talent acquisition, and by 2023, 77% are projected to utilize AI recruiting tools for hiring.

In this article, we will explore the Top 10 AI recruiting tools that will make the hiring process easier.

1. TurboHire

TurboHire is a collaborative, data-driven, and intelligent hiring tool. It leverages the strength of both human and artificial intelligence to produce data-centric insights for candidate sourcing, screening, and evaluation.

Additionally, TurboHire provides cloud-to-customer communication that is encrypted and guarantees military-grade protection for consumer data. The company claims that while employing more than 50,000 applicants, businesses have saved over 10,000 hours of recruitment time and US$2 million in hiring expenses by using TurboHire.

2. Skillate

An innovative decision-making tool called Skillate streamlines and expedites the recruiting process. It provides enhanced applicant experiences, intelligent recruiting services backed by AI, and people analytics. Additionally, Skillate gives companies the option to conceal candidates' data to make objective recruiting judgments.

3. Zoho Recruit

Staffing firms, corporate HR departments, and temporary workforces may all benefit from end-to-end hiring solutions offered by the cloud-based applicant tracking system Zoho Recruit. With the use of chatbots, Zoho's AI recruiting software helps its clients and businesses find candidates, review resumes, create workflows, and interact with applicants in real time.

4. Loxo

An application tracking system, a recruiting CRM, and a talent intelligence platform are all provided by Loxo. The effort required by the AI recruitment automation software is cut by 80% while directing recruiters to the top applicants.

Its proprietary directory also contains data from hundreds of data sources totaling more than 530 million persons. More than 1.25 lakh recruiters are being served globally, including those from World Wide Technology, Amazon, Kensington International, and Cigna.

5. Pymetrics

Gamification and behavioral technologies are used by Pymetrics to streamline the employment process. It contains a proprietary collection of 12 games that test cognitive and emotional traits fairly and accurately. Four more games are included to gauge logical and numerical thinking.

6. Mya

Mya, a conversational AI recruiting platform, will enable businesses to hire more quickly, for less money, and with a better overall hiring experience. At scale, it automates conversations with and engagement of candidates. By transforming site users into applications and talent pools, it does this.

Mya gathers information and ideas from talks with applicants using its natural language processing engine. How to update candidate profiles, conduct side-by-side comparisons, and uncover actionable conversation analytics using insights from structured and unstructured replies.

7. Talenture

Talenture provides hiring using insights from ML and AI engines. Marvin, a virtual recruiting consultant, keeps an eye on and directs the hiring process for companies. To rate applicants on criteria like recentness, availability, employability, or a mix of these three, it employs Intelligent Heuristics.

8. Hiretual

By searching through more than 750 million profiles on more than 45 open online sites, including GitHub, AngelList, RateMDs, and Upwork, Hiretual AI creates a solid pipeline for current and future positions. Additionally, it offers recruiting managers market information, giving them a thorough overview of the market for the vacant positions at their organization to help them make focused judgments.

9. HireVue

Pre-hire assessments to find the best candidates and reduce bias, conversational AI to automate workflows through text, web, and WhatsApp interfaces, and the provision of structured interview guides to replace ad hoc and inconsistent interview processes are all services offered by HireVue.

10. Talocity

Talocity's SaaS technology makes 'touchless' recruiting possible. Talocity, an AI-based platform for video interviews, supports 39 different languages. It offers solutions such as voice assessment, typing assistance, ATS, one-way interviews, and AI proctoring. Talocity captures tens of thousands of data points on each candidate during its one-way video interviews. Insights from these interviews are then used by the AI to support the hiring team's decision-making, focusing resources solely on individuals with the best potential.

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