Top 10 AI Penny Stocks to Buy in January before Exploding

Top 10 AI Penny Stocks to Buy in January before Exploding

AI penny stocks are in high demand from investors before exploding post-January

AI penny stocks are flourishing in the global tech market, especially for their high stability and low price. Artificial intelligence penny stocks are driving hefty profit in digital wallets for the long run. Investors are having a tough time making decisions regarding the stocks in the global tech market and the global cryptocurrency market. Penny stock of artificial intelligence or AI penny stock in January 2022 is in high demand from investors from multiple AI companies across the world. Let's explore some of the top ten AI penny stocks to buy in January 2022 before these start exploding.

Top ten AI penny stocks in January 2022


Current price: US$5.74

Market cap: US$155.86 million

Innodata is one of the top AI penny stocks that operates as a global data engineering company through three segments— digital data solutions, synodex, and agility. This AI company offers a wide range of solutions as well as intelligent data platforms for data annotation, data transformation, and many more to several industries such as banking, insurance, technology, and so on.

Intellicheck, Inc.

Current price: US$4.11

Market cap: US$77.04 million

Intellicheck, Inc. is a popular artificial intelligence penny stock that develops and markets threat identification and identity authentication solutions for multiple services such as retail and bank fraud prevention, law enforcement threat identification, and many more. It provides a wide variety of commercial identification products such as ID Check SDK, ID Check Mobile, ID Check PC, and many more.

Artificial Intelligence Technology Solutions

Current price: US$0.018

Market cap: US$79.48 million

Artificial Intelligence Technology Solutions is one of the tops AI companies to provide AI penny stock with the delivery of artificial intelligence and robotic solutions for operational, security, as well as monitoring needs. There are also front-end and back-end software solutions for the target audience.

DiDi Global Inc.

Current price: US$4.86

Market cap: US$23.44 billion

DiDi Global Inc. is a well-known penny stock of artificial intelligence for being a mobility technology platform and offering ride-hailing and other services across the world. It is popular for providing enterprise business ride solutions, electric vehicle leasing services, financial services, and many more.

CooTek (Cayman) Inc.

Current price: US$0.36

Market cap: US$24.39 million

CooTek (Cayman) Inc. is a popular penny stock of artificial intelligence in January that operates a mobile internet company with its primary product known as TouchPal Smart Input and other ranges of products such as Fengdu Novel, Fengdu Audiobooks, Fengdu Literature platform, and many more with interactive games like casual games, educational games, fitness applications, and mobile applications.

Amesite, Inc.

Current price: US$1.02

Market cap: US$22.42 million

Amesite, Inc. is one of the top AI penny stocks in January 2022 for being an artificial intelligence-based platform and course designer in the United States. This AI company leverages machine learning to provide a mass customized experience to learners including students from universities, colleges, K-12 schools, and many more NGOs.

Infobird Co., Ltd.

Current price: US$0.78

Market cap: US$19.83 million

Infobird Co, Ltd is a well-known penny stock of artificial intelligence that operates as a Software-as-a-Service provider of artificial intelligence-based customer engagement solutions in China. The AI company offers AI-based cloud sales force management software that includes intelligent quality inspection and intelligent training software in multiple industries such as education, finance, healthcare, and many more.

Remark Holdings, Inc.

Current price: US$0.79

Market cap: US$83.41 million

Remark Holdings, Inc. is one of the top AI penny stocks focused on the development and deployment of artificial-intelligence-based solutions for businesses as well as software developers. It is gaining popularity for owning and operating an e-Commerce digital media property within the brand name Remark AI.


Current price: US$0.46

Market cap: US$22.95 million

LAIX Inc. is a popular AI penny stock in January to buy for its AI-based online English learning products as well as services in China. There are multiple apps such as English Liulishuo, DongNi English, IELTS Liulishupo app, and many more. The AI company is involved with artificial intelligence lab operation, technology development, and so on.

Windfall Geotek, Inc.

Current price: US$0.0950

Market cap: US$11.79 million

Windfall Geotek, Inc. is a known penny stock of artificial intelligence that develops platforms for the mining sector efficiently. It is gaining popularity for a platform to identify a statistical probability of target identification known as CARDS (Computer Aided Resource Detection System). It helps to analyze digital datasets of georeferenced historical exploration data, digital elevation data, data mining services, and many more.

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