The HR Roles First to get Disrupted by Tech

The HR Roles First to get Disrupted by Tech

There has been an increase in the demand for technology in almost every field including Human Resources. While a lot of industries were disrupted, HR received the Midas touch during lockdown when it became a deity task to manage the workforce remotely. Among them, as far as HR is concerned, there has been a 30% increase in the demand for technologies that are related to HR, in a scenario wherein 60-70% of the workforce working remotely. Some tasks that could earlier be conducted in-office are now taken over by top-notch tech applications. The top four tasks replaced by HT Tech solutions are:

Hire & Onboard

Recruitment of an employee involves a lot of steps and levels. Activities such as planning the hiring, candidate sourcing, job posting, referrals, applicant tracking, creating a schedule for the newly on-boarded employees are some of the examples. Hiring People and maintaining the related activities through Tech Solutions has become the new normal. In most cases, HR considers Virtual Interview instead of Walk-In, and the entire onboarding process are being carried out virtually. HR Tech startups like Instahyre, Referhire, etc are offering hiring solutions to the companies available on simple applications.


HR technology has also made employee tracking, leave tracking, work progression, holiday tracking very easy for HRs. These solutions can help approve reporter's leave, reimbursement requests, or adjust attendance through technology. Companies like EdGE Networks offer solutions to track and advise growth paths for each employee.


Engagement of the employees in terms of their extra activities is one of the very important tasks for HRs. The includes activities like- an idea box to test the creativity of the employees, recording the birthdays/ anniversaries, taking polls and surveys, training sessions, etc. With the use of different Analytics tools, this task has become a lot easier. Interestingly, AI-enabled Chatbots are also being used for tasks like answering queries, to even nudging employees to finish work within deadlines. HR Tech startups like Qandle provide the finest HR Solutions covering modules to serve companies from hiring to the retiring of employees.


Maintaining a track of the payroll, deduction of tax, provident funds, managing the expenses, taking charge of the appraisals, compensation, deducting the left amount is one of the important aspects for HR centric jobs. These tasks are easily handled by the usage of AI, ML. This reduces the risk and chances of any mistake. Qandle. Zimyo and other HR Tech organizations are offering an array of solutions for the space.

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