Tech News: SMC Secures Acquisition Deal for ChainTrade's Assets

SMC Enhances AI Tools with ChainTrade's Asset Acquisition
Tech News: SMC Secures Acquisition Deal for ChainTrade's Assets

SMC Entertainment, Inc., a flexible incubator company centered on securing and supporting proven commercialized financial administrations and technology (Fintech) companies, is energized to report the launch of the Chaintrade AI-powered research stage and that the Company has entered into an Acquisition Agreement to obtain 100% of the resources of ChainTrade Ltd.'s AI-powered Trading Platform (the "Stage").

ChainTrade is a UK-registered Fintech company. It has created a platform that permits clients to trade Stocks, ETFs, Commodities, and Indices with the support of a personalized AI-powered trading assistant. The Platform was built to revolutionize trading and contribute by leveraging AI's predictive capabilities.

This will improve investigation, risk administration, and resource allocation. The Platform gives the client personalized and customized speculation methodologies and utilizes Artificial Intelligence to assess resources within a portfolio.

The launch of the AI research device will empower financial specialists to analyze thousands of information focuses simultaneously, including live cost information, execution, speculator opinion, fair esteem, and risk factors. These will enable The ChainTrade AI Research device to give experiences, empowering speculators to make educated choices to optimize their portfolio execution.

ChainTrade and its founding individuals have gone through the last three years to build the required framework to convey it to the market. Once ultimately empowered, the stage will be able to encourage all exchanges in a profoundly secure environment. The Platform's development and highlights continue to advance so it can be promoted over developing markets.

"I need to thank our shareholders for being understanding with the administration group. We proceed to work towards the advancement of our vision for the company. With the pending procurement of Chaintrade AI, our vision is presently in a strong executable establishment," quoted Erik Blum, Chairman & CEO of SMC.

"With the launch of Chaintrade’s assets,  AI Research Tool, we have another establishment block in place. We arranged to send a completely working AI-upgraded SaaS model to market by the end of the quarter. We will proceed to construct on the stage both naturally and through securing. We have created an excellent group internally, which we accept can improve our stage and increase our shareholder value. We anticipate seeing positive income development from the securing rapidly. Nobody else can do what we do; we expect to be the best in class, which is what each other's platform is measured against. This is an amazingly energizing time for the company, and I look forward to executing arrangements and uplifting for a senior trade. We are arranging to give a complete shareholder upgrade within the following few weeks."

Prem Couture / Founder of Redmatter Capital: "We have created a specialized language model tailored particularly for the fund, with a focus on stocks, companies, income statements, balance sheets, and cash flow. This progressed model is proficient at recovering and analyzing information from live data feeds, giving real-time insights and investigation for financial experts and investors. We have spent the last 3 years building our framework around encouraging both OnChain and Offchain exchanges in a profoundly secured environment."

Bryan Feinberg, Founder of Plato Data Intelligence: "As the fundamental innovations we are creating proceed to advance, we can play in making AI more open to everyone, particularly over developing markets."

About SMC

SMC is a flexible holding company focused on securing and supporting proven commercialized financial services and technology (Fintech) companies. SMC's multi-discipline growth by acquisition approach is to enhance revenues and shareholder equity.

About Chaintrade

Chaintrade LTD is a UK-registered entity and is associated with Red Matter Capital LTD, an enrolled financial service company. Its auxiliary is authorized under a securities trading license allowed by the Montenegro Capital Market Authority (CMA), which is Authorized by the law on capital markets by the government of Montenegro.

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