Startups are Innovating AI Devices that Could Replace the iPhone

Startups are Innovating AI Devices that Could Replace the iPhone

Will the iPhone be replaced by an AI pin?


Imran Chaudhri, a former Apple design director, and his group created Humane AI Pin from the bottom up using artificial intelligence. The pin, which is around the size of a finger, contains built-in speakers, hidden sensors that allow it to be turned on and off, and cameras that can scan its surroundings. It is one of the current trends in artificial intelligence.

1. It's capabilities:

  • It has photo and text-sending capabilities. With a virtual assistant that may be just as intelligent as ChatGPT, a laser casts a screen onto the palm. By constantly being prepared to conduct online searches and make phone calls, it aims to prevent people from becoming overly reliant on computers.
  • The Qualcomm Snapdragon processor and Qualcomm AI Engine are found in the AI Pin. When worn, the pin can be used as a "personal speaker" or to pair Bluetooth headphones with an audio device. It also features numerous instruments and a microphone.
  • AI Pin does not require a phone or other technology to function; it may function on its own. Pressing a button is the only way the device turns on. As it doesn't employ "wake words," it isn't constantly recording or listening. If any sensors are on, a "trust light" will alert you.

2. Will the iPhone be replaced by it?

Humane markets AI Pin as an anti-smartphone device that encourages interaction with the world around oneself rather than looking at a screen. Sometimes, though, you need pictures. AI Pin has a "laser ink display" that can project graphics onto the user's palm in an attempt to make apologies. You can use your index and thumb together to pause or play audio, just like with the Apple Watch's double-tap feature. Additional hand movements include inclining down, forward, or backward, each of which performs a distinct function.

3. Voice commands from AI

AI Pin communicates with humans mostly through voice because it lacks a screen. Using voice instructions, Humane locates and completes jobs using OpenAI's model. This system is known by the firm as "Ai Mic." You could utilize ChatGPT, which already has a version of this, as your main method of interacting with the device. Nevertheless, all of your accounts and apps are linked to the smartphone when you utilize AI Pin.

4. What feature of AI does it possess?

Messages that have just arrived can be compiled and arranged in your inbox using the "Catch Me Up" feature. Additionally, the gadget has AI-driven messaging features that may produce messages based on the tone of your voice. By employing computer vision to detect foods, Ai Pin can assist dietary objectives and act as a foreign language interpreter.


For Humane, the AI Pin is only the beginning of something greater. While Humane may be hoping for a product that develops like the iPhone, the real novelty is in what can be accomplished with the device. Humane appears ready to get started, even though more work needs to be done.

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