Snapchat is Being Criticized for its AI Chatbot, My AI

Snapchat is Being Criticized for its AI Chatbot, My AI

Snapchat is being criticized for its AI chatbot, My AI, with confusion emerging over location data

Mixed reactions have received Snapchat's introduction of its own AI chatbot, with some condemning its prominence on the social media platform.

The same technology that is being included in Microsoft's Bing search engine, OpenAI's GPT, powers it.

Only paying members can delete the My AI feature, which is permanently pinned to the top of users' conversation streams.

Online criticism has resulted from this, and there is now uncertainty around how the app uses location data.

My AI, which Snapchat referred to as "an experimental, friendly chatbot," is capable of giving advice, scheduling trips, and other activities.

However, it acknowledged that the tool might not always be accurate and that its answers "may include biased, incorrect, harmful, or misleading content".

After first being presented to premium customers, My AI has now been made available to millions of people worldwide.

Users may access pinning and unpinning capabilities, My AI, and other customization options by purchasing Snapchat+, which costs £3.99 per month in the UK.

According to a Snap spokesman, the "vast majority" of users who had access to My AI early on had been happy with it, and millions of messages were being delivered every day.

We value all the comments from our enthusiastic community as we work to make the experience better.

Disgruntled customers in the US "review bombed" the app. According to news outlet Techcrunch, Snapchat received several one-star ratings on Apple's App Store.

The assessments, however, have been more circumspect in the UK.

Even if there are negative app store reviews, some of them come from consumers who are upset that they can't utilize the function.

It has received a lot of acclaim, and UK users are increasingly requesting it to rank football players or identify the top player in the Premier League.

Additionally, Snap has come under fire for being ambiguous about whether the chatbot can access sensitive information, such as location data.

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