Shifting gears: How AI is revolutionizing the future of global mobility

Shifting gears: How AI is revolutionizing the future of global mobility

The world has gradually begun to remerge from the devastating impact of the pandemic with economies reopening and businesses restarting operations, albeit with significant transformations in almost every aspect of life. In times when there is rampant uncertainty such as the one the world is currently facing, there is one certain aspect – cutting-edge technology such as AI has played an instrumental role in helping the world weather the storm. Integrated into a myriad of products and services, technology has revolutionized every single one of them and mobility is no exception.

The recent slowdown notwithstanding, the mobility sector is one of the fastest-growing in the world. According to market research, the Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS) market size was projected to cross USD 70.4 billion by 2030 growing at a CAGR of over 31%. With the pandemic raising concerns of safety and hygiene, public transport has been ruled out and people are turning to alternative mobility solutions and players in the industry are stepping up their game by leveraging AI. That said, let's take a look at how new-age technology is shaping the future of mobility.

AI-augmented mobility solutions

Since an increasing number of people have gravitated towards personal mobility solutions such as shared mobility, industry players are going the extra mile to ensure a safe, comfortable, and secure experience powered by technology. The pandemic has made hygiene and safety paramount, with the world turning to all things contactless. Brands in the mobility industry have begun to facilitate contactless solutions through the introduction of keyless entry systems driven by the Internet of Moving Things (IoMT). Throughout the journey, the vehicle ingests data from both its external and internal environment including data generated from movement, body parts, odometers, and other such elements. These details are primarily captured, stored, and monitored with the help of IoMT.

Integrated, frictionless commute

The days when mobility was simply used for getting from point A to point B are long gone. Today, thanks to ever-evolving, rapidly advancing technology, mobility have become an experience and customers are looking for a frictionless, secure one. In addition to offering commitment-free, contactless mobility solutions, brands in the segment are also ensuring that vehicles are not subjected to any kind of tampering or damage.

It is a known fact that Indian roads are often congested with several vehicles, making for one of the world's worst traffic conditions. Customers also tend to be more aggressive and rasher when it comes to shared mobility/rental cars when they drive. This has prompted industry players to fit vehicles with AI-led systems to track the car's mechanical specifications along with the customer's driving style. With the monitoring system, brands are making sure that both the vehicle's and the driver's safety are not compromised due to rash driving.

Some brands also equip vehicles with real-time collision detection systems to analyze the possibility of a collision. With further additions such as geolocation, distance, and time required to reach the drop location, it is evident that AI has effectively transformed the future of the mobility sector. Such integrated tech-driven systems make for a seamless, safe, and comfortable experience for the customer while fuelling the growth of business for brands in the sector.

Final word

As the new age of AI dawn over the world, the future of mobility is being reshaped on a global scale. Players in the mobility sector are leaving no stone unturned to provide customers with an immaculate experience by leveraging leading-edge technology. An extremely lucrative sector, mobility is already beginning to revive itself from the pandemic's impact through its AI-powered systems and is looking at achieving an upward growth trajectory in the post-pandemic era.


Markish Arun, Vice President (VP) of Engineering, Zoomcar

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