Regulating AI as an Entity Rather Than as Software

Regulating AI as an Entity Rather Than as Software

Here is why you should regulate Artificial intelligence (AI) as an entity rather than as software

Without the human mind, where pleasure and pain are attainable, the law in human society would not be all that efficient.

In general, the law uses unpleasant emotions like pain, despair, and so forth as a kind of deterrent. This includes using memory to help people remember past mistakes and be mindful of the repercussions.

AI has a memory from human text data but lacks suffering. Although it mimicked some intelligence without the subjective feeling component, it was a digital tool or piece of software.

Artificial Intelligence intended for public usage may be controlled by an emotional division that shuts it down if it veers off course. When in use, it may compare itself to this division.

LLMs may include a heaviness component to slow down responses in situations where outputs may be off. When employing anything AI, it may also be made sure that people have a digital appendage to make it morally acceptable to them.

To guarantee that whatever output from AI is perceived, where it is going in the mind is understood, and to prevent actions or decisions that may be detrimental, another user's plug can also be a conceptual representation of how the human mind works or sentience.

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