OpenAI’s DALL.E 2 can Make Your Imagination into Images and Even Edit it

OpenAI’s DALL.E 2 can Make Your Imagination into Images and Even Edit it

OpenAI's DALL.E 2 is an advanced text-to-image generation AI model

After successfully launching the text-to-image processing system last year, OpenAI has come up with its new version, DALL.E 2. This advanced image generation AI model can create your imagination into an image. The best part is that you can also edit the images and make changes according to your wish.

DALL.E: The AI model came out as a major disruption in the tech sphere in 2021 when it made its debut. The ingenious multimodal AI was capable of generating images solely based on your description. For example, if you give the text "A Monkey buying banana in a mall next to a bear dancing", it will create an amazing image delivering all your concerns.

Besides the image generation feature, DALL.E was capable of combining multiple images into collages, providing varying angles of perspective, and even inferring elements of an image like shadow effects. It can even 'fill the blanks' and create an image for you when required.

Since DALL.E was not planned for commercial use, it only services the OpenAI research team. It is also specifically limited in a way that the AI model doesn't get misused.

Upgrades in DALL.E 2: Most of the features in DALL.E 2 are similar to what its ancestor has. However, the upgraded version gives bigger and better pictures in a short span. Besides this, the most amazing capability DALL.E 2 has is the edit option.

With the new image generation model, users can start editing or creating a picture at a granular level. For example, you can pick an image, and ask DALL.E 2 to edit a particular area in it. One more amazing feature is uploading a starting image and getting multiple images with good variations.

Built on OpenAI's computer vision technology, CLIP, DALL.E 2 took image generation to another level.

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