OpenAI Offers a Free Course on Prompt Engineering

OpenAI Offers a Free Course on Prompt Engineering

OpenAI is offering a free online course on prompt engineering, check for more details here

With the rising popularity of the conversational AI chatbot, ChatGPT, one of the new occupations is prompt engineering. Just last month, an online job posting drew notice to a San Francisco-based AI business seeking a Prompt Engineer and a Librarian with a payment of up to US$335,000 per year. When translated to INR, this value comes to almost Rs 2.7 crore.

People have begun training others how to grasp Prompt Engineering due to its popularity. And soon OpenAI offers a free course on prompt engineering.

During the epidemic, internet education exploded, and individuals were upskilled by enrolling in numerous online courses. numerous companies are currently offering numerous prompt engineering degrees online. One problem that people may have been determining which course is the most dependable.

What is Prompt Engineering?

Prompt engineering is a comprehensive technique that includes the whole cycle of communication between humans and AI. To persuade AI systems to achieve defined and desired outcomes, cues, and underlying data structures must be purposefully and methodically constructed and refined.

You can employ prompt engineering to generate more exact, relevant, coherent, and diversified ChatGPT results. If you want ChatGPT to write on the benefits of adopting rescue animals, you may give it a particular prompt that specifies the word count, tone, focus points, and structure of the article.

Prompt Engineering Course by OpenAI

Famous artificial intelligence (AI) researchers Andrew Ng from and Isa Fulford from OpenAI have put together an intriguing new free course on prompt engineering called "ChatGPT Prompt Engineering for Developers." The training will give developers a better grasp of prompt design and implementation for a range of use situations. Visit the OpenAI website if you're interested in enrolling in the course.

OpenAI recognizes the importance of providing developers with the resources they need to maximize ChatGPT. Prompt engineering is an important aspect of maximizing the model's efficacy. The ability to create effective prompts enables developers to provide more accurate and contextually relevant replies. The free OpenAI ChatGPT course is meant to provide creators with the resources they need to advance their ChatGPT game.

In approximately one hour, Ng and Fulford provide attendees with hands-on experience with the OpenAI API while defining recommended practices in prompt engineering. The course is designed for developers, but no prior understanding of AI is required; only a solid familiarity with Python is required. Furthermore, if you are a developer who has already begun experimenting with comprehensive language models, the free ChatGPT course will offer you the direction you need to design your chatbot.

Developers may enhance their usage of ChatGPT by making use of OpenAI's free Prompt Engineering for Developers course, which is an excellent resource. Developers may improve the model's replies by learning more about prompt engineering approaches to give more accurate and contextually appropriate conversations.

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