OpenAI is Working at a Slower Pace to Release a Functional ChatGPT 4

OpenAI is Working at a Slower Pace to Release a Functional ChatGPT 4

OpenAI is working at a slower pace to release a functional ChatGPT 4 says the OpenAI CEO

OpenAI's AI-powered chatbot ChatGPT has astounded both novice users and professionals all around the world, but CEO Sam Altman had to dispel rumors about the company's future ChatGPT 4 in an interview.

A viral internet image suggested that while ChatGPT 3 was trained on billions of pieces of data, this would be a speck compared to the data being supplied to ChatGPT 4. During a conversation with StrictlyVC, the interviewer asked Altman to confirm the veracity of this statement. Altman acknowledged that the image was wholly untrue.

The ChatGPT 4 rumor mill is a stupid thing, to be honest. I don't know where it all comes from, and I don't see why people don't come up with, like, more interesting theories," he remarked. An artificial general intelligence (AGI) that might compete with humans in learning and existence, as described by Altman, is not something he possesses.

There are worries about the ethics of the data sets gathered to train ChatGPT since Microsoft aims to make it available to enterprise users of Azure OpenAI. There are also worries that the AI-powered application might be used for everything from producing school essays to composing viruses.

Altman emphasized that OpenAI was working at a slower pace to release a functional product, but he did not confirm a release date for ChatGPT 4.

"When we are, like, confident that we can do it safely and properly, it'll come out at some point. I believe that generally speaking, technology will be released much more slowly than most people would like," he said.

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