NVIDIA: Strategically Meeting Demands of Artificial Intelligence Workloads

NVIDIA: Strategically Meeting Demands of Artificial Intelligence Workloads

Here is an overview of how NVIDIA is using technology to meet the demands of AI workloads

NVIDIA is known for developing integrated circuits, which are used in everything from electronic game consoles to personal computers (PCs). The company is a leading manufacturer of high-end graphics processing units (GPUs).

AI is powering change in every industry across the globe. From speech recognition and recommender systems to medical imaging and improved supply chain management, AI technology is providing enterprises the compute power, tools, and algorithms their teams need to do their life's work.

For more than 25 years, NVIDIA has pioneered visual computing solutions to tackle challenges ordinary computers cannot, and it has brought them to market with a network of valued partners. NVIDIA has evolved the GPU into a full-stack accelerated computing platform designed to meet the demands of today's machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) workloads. At the exciting intersection of virtual reality, high-performance computing, and AI, NVIDIA-accelerated computing opens up enormous new markets creating growth opportunities for its entire ecosystem.

NVIDIA follows a platform strategy, meaning that the hardware and software come together to offer a set of services and tools to enhance the ability of its GPUs. For instance, its software libraries, Software Development Kits, and APIs frameworks make it possible for deep and machine learning models to run smoothly.

And this indeed is critical for data cloud providers, which serve primarily the AI/ML industries. In fact, on top of data cloud providers like AWS (Amazon), Azure (Microsoft), Google Cloud, and IBM Cloud entire industries of the small, medium, and large enterprises are built upon (the whole SaaS industry has been built on top of these providers, and also larger players like Netflix, Spotify, YouTube, and the major streaming services draw from cloud computing).

Hence, the ability of the GPU to run on massive amounts of data is the key value proposition. NVIDIA here emphasizes high performance and efficiency. Its chips coupled with NVIDIA programming models (like CUDA and its acceleration libraries, APIs, and tools) make NVIDIA offering compelling for these enterprise customers.

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