New EMA Research Finds AI is Crucial to Modern Software Testing

New EMA Research Finds AI is Crucial to Modern Software Testing

Industry report reveals traditional test automation tools and practices can no longer scale to meet the complexities of modern software delivery without AI

SAN MATEO, Calif., September 20, 2021 — Applitools ( announced its inclusion in new research published by Enterprise Management Associates (EMA) entitled, "Disrupting the Economics of Software Testing Through AI." According to the report, Visual AI has the highest impact on software testing as compared to other available applications of AI technology in the market today.

As the first ever in-depth research report on the impact of AI on automated testing, the report found organizations reliant upon traditional testing tools and techniques fail to scale to the needs of today's digital demands and are quickly falling behind their competitors. The report identifies critical factors that hinder software engineering and DevOps teams including the escalating costs of quality control, and growing complexity associated with the increasing release velocity, number of smart devices, operating systems, and programming languages.

As such, EMA Research examined the impact of six real world scenarios of traditional test automation practices. The report then outlines five critical capabilities where AI and machine learning (ML) is used to provide real return on investment (ROI) and scale to support the growing complexity of software delivery. Each of these scenarios and capabilities address the bottlenecks and issues most commonly experienced by developers, test engineers and DevOps teams.

Download the full report:

"Business's ability to accelerate the delivery of customer value through software innovation, at lower cost, has become critical for achieving competitive advantages," said Torsten Volk, Enterprise Management Associates (EMA), Managing Research Director. "AI-based test automation technologies can deliver real ROI today and come with the potential of addressing, and ultimately eliminating, today's critical automation bottlenecks that stifle modern software delivery."

Key data points in the report include:

  • Nearly a 100% increase in the number of test automation-related questions posted to StackOverflow over the past year.
  • The growing number of different smartphones released per year (30% CAGR since 2017 for Android alone) places increasing pressure on quality assurance teams.
  • The explosion of cloud native architecture and microservices-based apps that reside on a growing number of cloud services (up 225% since 2015) from AWS, Azure and Google Cloud compounds the complexity of software delivery.
  • The increase in technology complexity and the growing number of monthly code releases, multiplied by the traditional set of daily tasks to be completed by test engineers results in an exponential increase in the testing effort required for comprehensive software quality control.
  • Test automation frameworks typically rely on a jungle of test scripts written in different languages, using different sets of runtime parameters, and lacking in consistent compliance test capabilities. As a result, organizations are forced into the uneasy choice of adding cost or risk to their agile development processes.

An AI-driven approach to software testing disrupts the traditionally linear relationship between the number of software releases and the associated testing overhead. Ultimately, AI-driven testing eliminates the vicious rectangle that forces organizations into a trade-off between releasing faster, optimizing spend, improving the customer value of the product (quality), and reserving time for innovation.

The full report highlights EMA's findings on:

  • Why the cost of quality control is out of control
  • The critical pain points faced by modern software development teams
  • 5 ways Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) can have an impact today
  • The maturity of some of the tools/vendors that offer AI powered platforms

To learn more about how AI can help address common test automation scenarios with practical solutions, register for the upcoming webinar with Torsten Volk from EMA and receive a copy of the full report at

About Applitools

Applitools is leading the industry in the application of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to test automation, delivering a next generation test automation platform powered by Visual AI. Over 400 hundred of the world's top brands from verticals such as Tech, Banking, Insurance, Retail, Pharma, and Publishing — including 50 of the Fortune 100 — use Applitools to deliver the best possible digital experiences to millions of customers on any device and browser, and across every screen size and operating system.

Applitools' Ultrafast Test Cloud modernizes critical test automation use cases — Functional Testing, Visual Testing, Web and Mobile UI/UX Testing, Cross Browser Testing, Responsive Web Design Testing, Cross Device Testing, PDF Testing, Accessibility Testing and Compliance Testing — to transform the way businesses deliver innovation at the speed of DevOps without jeopardizing their brand.

Applitools is headquartered in San Mateo, California, with an R&D center in Tel Aviv, Israel. To learn more, visit or follow us on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook.


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