New AI-powered Headphones Available in the Market in 2021

New AI-powered Headphones Available in the Market in 2021

Latest AI-powered headphones are available in the market.

Artificial intelligence is now being used in the making of AI-powered headphones to provide the users with an experience of listening to music without any hassle. AI-powered earbuds let the users hear important sounds that they should be hearing while blocking out the noise that disrupts their music. The following are the latest AI-powered headphones available in the market.


Mobi headphones have the top-most rank among the latest AI-driven headphones. They combine an AI algorithm with hybrid ANC technology for the smartest and most comprehensive noise cancellation ever in true wireless audio. They are at present in the pre-order phase. Mobi's next-gen hybrid ANC adds a feedforward mic to the mix for a total of three mics per earbud. It replaces the standard hybrid ANC program with an artificial intelligence algorithm that can recognize the difference between over 6000 sounds. The two feedforward mics create a 360˚ noise capture field around the listener. When combined with the feedback mic, the ANC can cancel the full range of audio frequencies. Whatever the users listen to, the AI listens with them. It picks up on every little sound coming from the environment, the earbud itself, and the ear. It can even detect air pressure changes in the ear canal to cancel the sounds of the earbuds shifting in the ear.


PLAYGO BH-70, is an innovative noise-canceling wireless headphone with active personalization. The product has features of Artificial Intelligence (AI) driven self-calibrating left and right earphones, Hybrid Active Noise Cancellation, Smart-touch-&-talk, and Auto-pause-&-play features. PLAYGO BH-70 also draws its appeal to its superior 40 mm device drivers which churn out a perfect mix of Bass and Treble balance, along with the huge battery of 1000 mAh which allows the listener to use the headset for up to 24 hours even on ANC active mode. The headphones, powered on the latest family of Qualcomm processor, has Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity, Apt-X codec with built-in CVC 6.0 noise-canceling microphones & are also compatible with voice commands that can be used with Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, and Apple Siri. The headphones also have multiple modes of ANC On/OFF or even the Transparency mode which allows the user to hear the ambient sound along with the adulating audio experience. Weighing at only 300 grams, PLAYGO BH-70 comes with protein leather earcups for higher durability and are comfortable and light to be used on long durations during flight travel and also for a daily Metro commute.

Vi Sense Wireless Headphones

Vi Sense Wireless Headphones, by LifeBeam, has a voice-controlled artificially intelligent coach that targets to spot the user's training patterns and uses his or her live performance data to offer real-time coaching advice. Vi's opinion is based on heart rate, heart rate variability, cadence, speed, and elevation information, which are all tracked through an aerospace-grade heart rate monitor and motion sensors. The partner Vi Trainer app also offers a library of guided sessions containing everything from walks to interval runs and there are training plans too based on a range of goals.

Elite 85h

Danish company Jabra has created the AI-powered noise-canceling headphones Elite 85h designed for travelers. Using technology from the German AI company audEERING, the Elite 85h can spot over 6,000 sound characteristics and filter out the noise more specifically. According to Jabra, that means these cans know when a loud train is coming down the tracks and specifically tunes out the loud train sound. The Elite 85h by analyzes the user's surroundings automatically, tuning the ANC to let vocals through when needed. This SmartSound feature is monitored through the Jabra+ app where one can set public, private, commute, and other various scenarios with their sound profiles.

Bargi Dash Pro

The German company Bragi has come up with AI-based headphones that allow consumers to listen to music while automatically tracking physical activity such as heart rate, speed, time, distance, and calories burnt. Products like Dash Pro are already changing the status quo of how consumers enjoy their music while they are running or they are exercising at the gym. By adding the music, hearables are making a healthier lifestyle even more fun.

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