Music of the Future: Listen to These Songs Made by Artificial Intelligence

Music of the Future: Listen to These Songs Made by Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is making some catchy tunes.

Artificial intelligence is the future of our society, with everything from home to work becoming intelligent and automated. There will certainly come a future where the music you will listen to will also be created with the help of AI. Wondering what that will sound like? How can an algorithm master the art of rhythm and tune? You won't have to wait for long to find out as AI has already created some tracks. Here's a playlist for a glimpse of what is in store in the future.

American composer, musician, and sound artist Holly Herndon collaborated with Jlin to generate a song using Spawn, an AI created by Herndon and her partner Mat Dryhurst. One of her team members is a machine intelligence device named Spawn. The device has been learning from what she listens from her parents and the people close to her. The song Godmother was generated by Spawn by listening to Jlin's artworks and reimagining them. The music was developed from silence with no edits, no additions, and no overdubs.

Brian Eno is an English musician, record producer, and visual artist. Reflection is a revolutionary album for the music industry. First, Reflection is Eno's single piece of ambient music lasting for 54 minutes. Then, Eno released a generative version of the album on an app that plays music infinitely and changes the music according to the time of the day. His intention behind this music was to make it endless according to the environment it is being heard in.

Miquela is not a human. She is a fictional character and a work of a digital artist who is now also a music artist. After becoming an Instagram model and influencer, her music career started in 2017 when she released her first single called Not Mine, inspired by other musicians like Hatsune Miku.

Meet Taryn Southern, she is the first pop star to compose and produce an entire album with AI. Called I AM AI, this American singer-songwriter used a variety of tools like IBM's Watson Beat, Amper AIVA, and Google Magenta to create the album.

String Quartet, originally called IIiac Suite, is a 1957 string quartet composition that is the first score composed by a computer. The ILLIAC I (Illinois Automatic Computer) was a computer ahead of its time, built-in in 1952 by the University of Illinois.

Hatsune Miku, again, is not Human. It is a Vocaloid software voicebank popularly known for being a 16-year-old girl with long pigtails. She uses Yamaha's Vocaloid to sing and release albums that are heard globally.

Yona is a creation of Ash Koosha and Isabella Winthrop. Yona is an Auxhuman, driven by AP and digital technologies. Yuna's lyrics, chords, voice, and melodies are created by software, which is later mixed and produced by Koosha for the final song.

Ivan Paz comes from a physics and mathematics background and closely works with music and sound. His current research works around AI methodologies for music composition and algorithmic music. Visions of Space is a product of algorithms for sound generation. The digital outcome was re-amplified to make the final product.

AIVA is an AI that can compose emotional soundtracks for movies, video games, commercials, and other entertainment content. The machine is learning music by reading music partitions written by Bach, Mozart, and Beethoven. While AIVA is known for classical music, On the Edge is AIVA's first rock composition.

Young Paint is a learning program that uses AI technology to imitate Dareen J. Cunningham's music. Dareen is a British electronic musician known under the pseudonym Actress, and Young Paint is his creation.

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