Most Influential AI Voices on LinkedIn in 2021

Most Influential AI Voices on LinkedIn in 2021

Most influential AI voices on LinkedIn are present to guide you through the latest innovations in AI

Millions of dollars are being invested in Artificial Intelligence technologies which are increasing the rate of competition in the business world. A diverse range of news is being produced from the vast field of AI across the world in a short span of time on a daily basis. There is a huge gap between the large-scale audience interested in AI and the hi-tech companies who continuously change the world with creative innovations. Who will be the bridge between the gaps? The AI influencers who have millions of followers on the professional networking site, LinkedIn! Let's go through their profiles who reveal more opportunities and recent possibilities in the field of AI.

Keep up with Artificial Intelligence with the most influential voices on LinkedIn

Bernard Marr— 1,465,526 followers

LinkedIn has already awarded Bernard Marr as one of the world's top 5 influencers in the AI world. He is the founder of the world-leading company, Bernard Marr & Co., which provides core services in the areas of Strategy & Business Performance, Big Data Analytics, AI & ML, Performance Management and many more. His professional statements on AI and its innovations are being mentioned on popular TV, newspapers and radio channels like BBC, Sky, The Times, The Financial Times, The Wall Street Journal and so on. He is considered the most highly respected expert in the world's best-known firms such as Accenture, Barclays, HSBC, IBM, Ministry of Defence, Microsoft, the United Nations, Walmart, Vodafone and the list goes on. He is the author of eighteen books as well as hundreds of articles and reports out of which many are his international bestsellers with translation into over twenty languages. At present, Bernard Marr is a teacher at the Irish Management Institute, Oxford University, BPP, Warwick Business School and ICAEW.

Allie K. Miller— 1,091,820 followers

Allie K. Miller is known as the AI Business Leader and International Speaker in San Francisco. She is influencing the audience with what it means to build and scale a business in the Artificial Intelligence world. Miller is the founder of the AI Pipeline and co-founder of Girls of the Future. She holds a renaissance approach to apply creativity as well as humanisation to the technical problems in the business. She has worked on conversational AI, computer vision and data. Allie Miller is the most popular name in top VC firms, European Commission and several tech seminars and conferences and is awarded several times. At present, she is the Global Head of ML Business Development, Startups and Venture Capital at AWS and a Brand Ambassador for AWIP (Advancing Women In Product).

DJ Patil— 742,347 followers

DJ Patil is currently a board member of Devoted Health at the Harvard Kennedy School. He has established new healthcare programmes such as the Precision Medicine Initiative and the Cancer Moonshot which covers over 94 million Americans. He has worked as a data scientist in various popular firms like Harvard's Belfare Centre, Biden-Harris Transition Team, The White House, Relate IQ, Greylock, LinkedIn, e-Bay, PayPal, Skype and many more. He has won several awards including selection by the World Economic Forum as a Young Global Leader.

Dennis R. Mortensen— 514,464 followers

Dennis R. Mortensen is a professional expert who has been successful in leveraging data with business insights. He is the founder and CEO of in 2014 along with co-founders Matt Casey and Marcos J. Belenguer to solve critical problems through upgraded AI algorithms efficiently and effectively. He is also a popular business leader, author as well as a university instructor in Digital Data and Analytics at the University of British Columbia. Dennis is the pioneer in the analytics, optimisation and big data space with a good number of followers in his social media platforms.

Andrew NG— 472,669 followers

Andrew NG is the founder of DeepLearning.AI, co-founder of Coursera, general partner of AI Fund and Adjunct Professor at Stanford University. He is an expert in ML, robot learning and online education where he has over 100 research papers available for interested audience. He is focused on entrepreneurial ventures to accelerate the possible AI practices in the world-scale economy. Andrew has over 3.2 million students in his 'Machine Learning' course and over 400,000 students in the 'AI For Everyone' course.

Carla Gentry— 385, 081 followers

Carla Gentry is one of the most known AI influencers who is focused on the role of data science in various aspects like business, climate change, weather events, natural disasters, women in STEM and the list goes on. She calls herself a 'data nerd' with experience of more than two decades in assisting businesses with better decisions. Carla has worked with some influential companies in the world such as Hershey, Disney Media and Kellogg's. She is the current senior data scientist at Analytical Solution with specialities in comprehensive customer satisfaction and retention analysis, brand research and competitive analysis, database creation and mining and much more. She manages huge complicated databases, deciphers needs and analyses the budget, profit and market pattern with AI.

Cassie Kozyrkov— 342,442 followers

Cassie Kozyrkov is currently a Chief Decision Scientist at Google whose main aim is to democratise Decision Intelligence and safe reliable AI. She assists Google in making effective and efficient use of AI-based machines and technologies. She has successfully worked with over 200 groups and inspired over 400 projects with the training of over 5,000 analysts and decision-makers in the AI and ML field, all with her knowledge and insights to transform workflow. She has a diverse knowledge of data science, decision science, ML, AI, experimental game theory, behavioural economics and many more.

Yes, there is a presence of many more powerful AI influencers on LinkedIn to influence millions of audience on the recent news and information from the vast field of Artificial Intelligence.

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