Microsoft has Scheduled an Event on March 16 Called “Future of Work with AI”

Microsoft has Scheduled an Event on March 16 Called “Future of Work with AI”

Microsoft, a major technology company, has scheduled an event titled "Future of Work with AI" to be held on March 16.

Microsoft is prepared to detail how AI will affect your workplace now that it has outlined how it will reshape Bing search. Microsoft has scheduled an event based on Artificial intelligence. Microsoft event on March 16 at 11 a.m. Eastern, the company will hold an event titled "Future of Work with AI." The presentation will be hosted by Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella and Microsoft 365 lead Jared Spataro, even though Microsoft hasn't revealed much about the news. Rumors may indicate the future.

Microsoft may release AI-equipped versions of Microsoft 365 apps like Outlook and Word, according to a February leak from The Verge. According to The Information, Outlook could utilize AI to enhance search results and provide email reply suggestions. However, the exact functionality is unknown. Word, on the other hand, might offer writing suggestions.

Today, the company is introducing some AI features geared toward businesses. An AI called "Copilot" is now available in Dynamics 365 and Viva Sales. It assists in responding to chats and emails from customers, summarizing meetings in Teams, and analyzing marketing data. These use an existing Azure OpenAI service, which may use the Bing-based Prometheus AI model for the rumored Microsoft 365 features.

The expansion won't surprise anyone. Since years ago, Microsoft has invested in OpenAI and incorporated AI into services like Teams. Microsoft will host OpenAI cloud services as part of a funding agreement that is said to be worth $10 billion and will last for years. The event will likely support the company's strategy of competing to become an AI leader.

There is a lot of pressure from the competition. ChatGPT from OpenAI is being integrated directly into the products of other businesses. Bard, on the other hand, is Google's answer to ChatGPT. There have been reports that Google is concerned that AI could harm its core search business. Microsoft could theoretically gain an early advantage in the use of AI by expanding its use and helping to ward off competitors.

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