Meta’s Got a New AI Tool that Enables Users to create Freaky Art

Meta’s Got a New AI Tool that Enables Users to create Freaky Art

Facebook parent company Meta has presented some quirky videos with a new artificial intelligence system called Make-A-Video. Meta's New AI is grabbing attention all around. It is a chunk of Meta's research into technology that can generate new content from text prompts. Meta said that Make-A-Video can also generate videos from images or similar videos.

Meta says its research into what's named "generative AI" holds the potential to offer new opportunities for creators and artists. Many other companies are also in the queue to scrutinize this technology, making it simple for people to create amazing AI art that would have taken a long time for humans to create. Meta's New AI system enables people to turn text prompts into 'brief, high-quality video clips.

"[Make-A-Video] uses images with descriptions to understand what the world looks like and how it is often described. It also takes the help of unlabeled videos to learn how the world moves. With this data, Make-A-Video lets people bring their imagination to life. The company announced that it plans to release a demo of Make-A-Video, but Meta's New AI tool isn't presently available to everyone. Meta's AI research team will be taking image requests through its Twitter account. Meta said through a blog post on Thursday that Generative AI research is leading creative expression forward by offering people AI tools to develop new content quickly and easily. "With just a few words or lines of text, Make-A-Video can lead the imagination to life and create one-of-a-kind videos full of vivid colors and landscapes."

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