Meta introduces a ‘Voicebox’: A Cutting-Edge Speech to AI Model

Meta introduces a ‘Voicebox’: A Cutting-Edge Speech to AI Model

Meta is revolutionizing the AI model dubbed Voicebox to Revolutionise Voice Production

Meta, the company behind Facebook, has introduced a new generative AI model dubbed 'Voicebox' that has the potential to revolutionize voice production. Meta revealed in a blog post that Voicebox is the first model capable of generalizing speech-generation tasks with remarkable performance, despite lacking particular training.

Instead of typical models that create graphics or text, Voicebox specializes in creating high-quality audio samples. It may produce speech in various ways, either from scratch or by changing the samples. Speech synthesis is supported in six languages: English, French, German, Spanish, Polish, and Portuguese. Voicebox includes content editing, noise reduction, style conversion, and different sample production.

Voicebox's distinct learning technique is what distinguishes it. Voicebox learns directly from raw audio data and associated transcriptions rather than using autoregressive models. This allows the model to change any sample component, not just the end, giving it greater flexibility and variety.

According to Meta, Voicebox is taught to anticipate a speech segment given the surrounding speech and its transcript. Once the model understands how to fill in speech depending on the context, it may be applied to various speech production tasks, such as generating select segments of an audio recording without recreating it.

Voicebox excels in various applications due to its adaptability, including in-context text-to-speech synthesis, cross-lingual style transfer, voice denoising and editing, and diversified speech sampling—the model's versatility and performance open new avenues for creative audio production and advanced voice modification.

Meta's Voicebox is a big step in speech creation, presenting a robust AI model capable of creating high-quality audio clips and completing various speech-related tasks with excellent results. As AI technology advances, Voicebox might pave the way for new applications in voice-assisted technologies, entertainment, and other fields.

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