Is Artificial Intelligence a Boon or Bane for the Workers?

Is Artificial Intelligence a Boon or Bane for the Workers?

Due to the situation caused by Covid 19 various business sectors are replacing manpower with technology.

Artificial intelligence has completely changed the outlook of various industries. The health sector, education sector, business sector, manufacturing sector, and agricultural sector are largely driven by technology. AI has also created many jobs opportunities for common people. There are a lot of debates on AI and robotics about how they are increasingly taking over jobs. As it removes jobs, it also opens various opportunities for people. AI is here to stay and help people work efficiently. AI in worker's rights is very crucial.

AI increases productivity in the workplace

All the sectors are trying to bring in AI to help their employees improve their productivity. It helps in solving problems, carrying out complex tasks, and increasing workers' efficiency by eliminating human errors. From information gathering to analyzing it and giving feedback about the same can be done very easily with AI and robots.  For example, many big organizations like Amazon or Flipkart use chat boxes for daily and direct communication with their customers. It is an automatic response system that responses within seconds. This is widely used for timely customer support. This in turn increases productivity and has been very profitable.

AI turns complex data into simple illustrations

For every sector, AI in work is very important for analyzing data. Hiring somebody to read and analyze them to provide proper insights is difficult. Good data analytics are very difficult to find. In this case, AI helps in identifying important changes and creating detailed reports that help an organization to analyze its problem and come to the right track. They help in understanding changing customer behavior that might create problems and predict key business strategies that would help the business in the long run.

Increases security

The leak of important documents without the knowledge of the employees is a common problem faced by companies nowadays. But with AI a company's data and documents are secured. For example, media giants like Facebook and WhatsApp are using more secure AI technology so that messages and calls are end-to-end encrypted which means messages, calls, or any audio-visual stay between us and the people we choose to disclose.

As Artificial intelligence is giving a boost to the working sector, it is also challenging the workers' rights. A lot of workers are losing their jobs due to the inclusion of efficient machinery and technology which in turn is reducing the effectiveness of manpower. Manpower is increasingly being replaced with smart systems and automated functions.

AI is more accurate and handles complex tasks than humans

It is the nature of humans to make mistakes. Artificial intelligence on the other hand is not susceptible to errors. They are very accurate in whatever task they perform. Jobs like data entry, typing, data analytics have to be error-free, or else it might result in confusion. AI can take over all these jobs efficiently. Various works in the factories get people seriously injured or killed. AI in this case can be used to keep workers out of danger and finish the work effectively. While machines can also be damaged or destroyed but they are enough to withstand dangers.

AI machines are cheaper in the long run

Through the manufacturing cost for machines are higher but the overall operation cost of using machines is much cheaper than paying wages to employees. Running a machine only requires electricity and maintenance but when it comes to workers they need to be trained, given proper salaries and benefits that must be paid out. This is the reason why big companies are investing more in machines than manpower to get maximum benefits in the long run.

Even though AI is having a lot of advantages but it still cannot take over jobs. This is because:

Machines lack creative thinking

However great AI may be at carrying tasks but at the end of the day, it is humans who have to think creatively, plan out strategies during the crisis and use their brains for doing the groundwork and important decision making. AI can be a helping hand but cannot successfully run an organization without humans. Any job that requires critical thinking or creative problem solving cannot be replaced by AI.

AI cannot build good connections

Business is all about building connections with other organizations and customers. Machines or robots do not have the ability to establish human-to-human trust and connection in order to get people to relax, discuss something and open up. Machines help in technical stuff but lack human intimacy. Machines and robots lack empathy, communication skills, common sense, strategic thinking, and decision-making abilities like humans possess.

Human needs to program AI for its smooth functioning

Robots and artificial intelligence are the creation of humans themselves. They cannot function if they are not programmed or charged properly on time. As technology is getting more and more advanced, humans are coming out with better versions of AI. Machines and AI needs to be updated and can replace anytime anywhere depending on their needs. If humans can make it, they can also break it.

Therefore, AI along with humans can do wonders in every sector. It is difficult to say whether technology can take over workers' rights or not. Robots taking over humans is an exaggerated fear. However, maintaining a balance between the both would help in taking all the sectors towards its success.

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