Interesting, But Less Spoken Facts about Artificial Intelligence

Interesting, But Less Spoken Facts about Artificial Intelligence

We all know how artificial intelligence has solidified its presence in many spheres of human activity. The technology has been receiving a huge amount of recognition from industry players, investors, and businesses who initiated to equip their machines with intelligence, deploy automation and employ robots to do carry out works.

Even though the applications of artificial intelligence are out in the light, a lot of facts about the technology are still kept in the shadow.

Analytics Insight unravels some interesting facts about artificial intelligence that are less spoken.

A considerate number of AI bots are female

Even though the tech space is lacking women employees, it is noted that most of the AI bots are female. When we talk to Siri, Alexa or Cortana, we get the reply in a female voice. The reason behind this is that both men and women are attracted to female's voices.

The concept of robotics exist for a long time

Alan Turning is hailed as the 'Father of Artificial Intelligence' for his initiative to come up with machine intelligence in 1950. But the concept of robots is traced way back in Greek mythology. We see Great Robots of Hephaestus assisting him with his voice commands.

You are taking artificial intelligence's suggestion to shop 

We are familiar with the online shopping market and how personalized it is getting as technology evolves. In the digital world, we often shop products based on online suggestions. However, artificial intelligence is the technology that is behind the 'you may also like' tactics.

AI performs better than humans

An artificial intelligence mechanism designed by Alibaba and Microsoft managed to gain more scores than humans in a reading comprehension test called SQuAD test, conducted by Stanford University.

AI has the power to read your mind

Roboticists have created a new technique that can form an image of your thoughts using an fMRI scanner. The AI is designed to produce a snapshot of your brain and correlate it to other images collected by volunteers.

Artificial intelligence everywhere

AI is all around us and you may not realize it. For example, Netflix recommendations, Alexa or Siri, online shipping, and Uber use AI technology. With AI-powered policy software, your insurer is possibly calculating your insurance. Your bank is probably also evaluating your danger of foreclosing on a loan.

Disney uses AI to enhance the quality of movies 

To erase image noise in movies, Disney teamed up with Pixar Animation and the University of California, Santa Barbara. 'Finding Dory' was the film used to train the deep learning model to make the film noise-free.

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