How will Ai Shape the Future of VoIP

How will Ai Shape the Future of VoIP

When AI technology becomes an active player, the efficiency and potential of VoIP industries are going to soar high

Artificial intelligence (AI) which was once part of science fiction has become part of our day-to-day life. It has become a buzzword in this technology-driven world and its impact is expected to grow in the coming years. It is bringing a revolution across the different industries including voice over internet protocol (VoIP).

VoIP telecommunication with its multifaceted features is already changing the communication setup of various industries. Many multinational companies and other businesses are already benefiting from virtual phone number systems and VoIP. But when AI technology becomes an active player, the efficiency and potential of these industries are going to soar high. With time, AI technology is going to become crucial in business operations with its cost saving-potential, detects incorrect network configuration, and many more.

So, let us see how AI is going to transform and shape the future of VoIP and how they are going to be an indispensable part of all business operations.

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) systems

Interactive Voice Responses (IVR) are very popular in call centers and many other industries. They are designed to automatically respond to the caller and to promote solid customer support. They greet customers and clear their queries.

AI will further enhance this customer service by gathering caller's data, personal information, call records, and their previous transactions. For nuanced queries, it will route the calls to the departments that can best solve the customer's query. At times, they provide all this information to the agent even before the call gets connected, enabling much effective communication.

IVR system along with AI provides excellent customer service, which is crucial for any business to thrive and succeed.

Contact Center Operations

VoIP system makes the call center service hassle-free. With an AI-integrated VoIP system, the call centers can now provide seamless service by reducing the need for much human intervention.

An AI-integrated VoIP system will be able to record and analyze all the customer calls. Thus, it enables the agent to understand the mood and emotion of the customer by studying their conversations. This will help the agent to handle the calls smoothly and not to make a situation worse.

The agents will get a rough idea of the customer's need; therefore they will be able to divert the call to the department which can best deal with customers. This will help to reduce the help desk staffs which will intern helps to save costs.

Conference facilities

Over the years, the improved internet speed and telecom technology have boosted web conferences. With the advent of AI technology, it is going to advance further. With facilities like real-time language translation and speech recognition technology, AI is going to boost the business industry further. Even if the company have clients and stakeholders from various part of the world, they will be able to communicate with them effectively. You won't have to hire people and start an office in a different part of the world to communicate with a different client. This will further save costs.

AI integrated web conferences with VoIP numbers can provide crucial data and intelligent prompts for effective communication and successful meeting.

Chatbot functions

Chatbots are software that are designed to provide hassle-free customer service by performing the automated task that they received in texts and audio means. They are made for an automated customer interaction similar to IVR.

AI bot takes this to another level by performing tasks that are usually done by humans. They schedule meetings, set conferences, invite the attendees, welcome the guests, manage time, and much more.

Pattern Identification

AI can boost business advancement. They can identify various patterns and strategies which will help in the further development of the business operations. They will be able to find strategies for seamless workflows. The possibilities of pattern identification are limitless, hence Amazon's Echo and many others have adopted it. This will make the business more efficient and hence help in saving money.

Reduce latency

One of the major problems with VoIP is the low speed of processing. AI can reduce this problem of latency in VoIP calls. Earlier, the solution for this low quality was to buy new hardware and install expensive software.  AI can detect the reason behind this low quality and hence can fix this problem as AI is capable of handling data quicker.

Lower bandwidth issue

AI is designed to solve the low-bandwidth issue faced and wrong network configuration in real-time. The main idea behind this is that AI will identify the issue and solve it without any manual/human interference. They can analyze data such as the conversation details and emails, to identify the behavioral pattern of the customer.

Consumer satisfaction

If you are working in a company or organization that has to deal with hundreds of calls, VoIP with an integrated AI system can increase efficiency. AI systems can efficiently manage call traffic. If there are too many calls, AI with the help of machine-learned techniques can route the call to another available employee or to the department that can best deal with the caller. Thus, with an efficient service team, it will save time and reduce both the customer's and employee's frustration.

Thus, AI with its excellent contact center operation, IVR system, and other added benefits is going to boost VoIP.

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