How Artificial Intelligence can be implemented In Healthcare?

How Artificial Intelligence can be implemented In Healthcare?

Healthcare administration is also being streamlined by Artificial Intelligence

The process of creating models using artificial intelligence that are capable of performing high-level computations and resolving complex problems is referred to as "artificial intelligence." Other methods include "deep learning," "machine learning," and "natural language processing."

Even though the majority of firms are afraid of artificial intelligence in healthcare, it is helping us in a lot of ways. By assisting, you can learn more about the positive effects that artificial intelligence has had on the healthcare industry by reading this blog. There are many challenges in implementing AI in Healthcare. So, the implementation of AI in healthcare must begin with developing a carefully planned strategy.

Marketing, finance, the gaming industry, and even the musical arts have all been affected by artificial intelligence since its introduction in the 1950s. However, healthcare is where Artificial Intelligence will have the greatest impact. The most significant impact on the global economy will come from AI, which will add $15.7 trillion by 2030, according to the most recent PwC report.

You will learn how AI is being used to solve real-world use cases in the following section.

"Medical imaging and diagnosis powered by AI should grow by over 40% to exceed USD 2.5 billion by 2024." Insights into the global market Artificial Intelligence is reshaping the medical field of image diagnosis by utilizing deep learning models and neural networks. It has simplified the complicated analysis of MRI scans.

  • Because they contain so much data, MRI scans are difficult to analyze. A typical MRI analysis takes several hours, and when researchers attempt to derive a conclusion from large data sets, they have to wait for hours for a computer to generate the scans.
  • Neural networks can be used to analyze large and complex data sets, and this is exactly what a group of researchers at MIT did. They trained a neural network known as VoxelMorph on a set of approximately 7000 MRI scans.
  • Data is entered into a neural network at one end, where it is transformed until the desired final output is produced. Weights and bias play a key role in the operation of neural networks.

The early detection of medical conditions like heart attacks has been greatly aided by artificial intelligence. Numerous AI-based wearable health trackers have been developed to monitor a person's health and provide alerts when the device detects anything unusual or unlikely. Fitbit, Apple Watch, and numerous others are examples of such wearables.

The motto of the most recent Apple watch is "precaution is always better than cure."

  • Apple created a watch that keeps track of a person's health with the help of artificial intelligence.
  • Data like a person's heart rate, sleep cycle, breathing rate, activity level, blood pressure, and other parameters are gathered by this watch. and keeps a record of these actions at all times.
  • Machine learning and deep learning algorithms are used to process and analyze the collected data to construct a model that can predict the likelihood of a heart attack.
  • The development of AI-based virtual nurses has grown in tandem with the growing demand for medical assistance. A recent survey indicates that virtual nursing assistants will have a maximum near-term value of $20 billion in 2027.
  • One virtual nurse that uses Natural Language Processing, speech recognition, machine learning, and wireless integration with medical devices like blood pressure cuffs to assist patients with their medical needs is Sensely.

Sensely, a virtual nurse, offers the following essential features like self-care, clinical advice, appointment scheduling, Nurse Line, ER direction, etc. It is evident that, despite the risks and so-called "threats," Artificial Intelligence is of advantage in numerous ways.

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