High-Paying Artificial Intelligence Job Profiles in 2021

High-Paying Artificial Intelligence Job Profiles in 2021

These artificial intelligence jobs are in high demand. 

The demand for artificial intelligence professionals is exploding as the technology is advancing and organizations are increasingly adopting AI technologies. The number of job postings with AI or machine learning in the title is doubling year by year as employers are scavenging for the best AI talent. From machine learning engineers to data scientists, computer vision engineers, and algorithm engineers, AI jobs boast high salaries than other tech jobs, but they are equally difficult to master as well. In the US, the following are the highest-paying AI job profiles. 

1. Director of Analytics 

Average Salary: US$140,837 

A director of analytics leads the data analytics and data warehousing departments and aligns their tasks to the business objectives. He/she is responsible for managing, developing, and integrating data analytics and business intelligence for supporting the business. 

2. Principal Scientist 

Average Salary: US$138,271 

Principal scientists are responsible for creating high-impact data science projects in accordance with the stakeholders. They act as technical consultants to product managers from different departments. This person is expected to hold leadership skills who can communicate clearly, is empathetic, and has a good eye for detail.

3. Machine Learning Engineer

Average Salary: US$134,449 

Machine learning engineers are responsible for building machine learning algorithms that solve business problems. They create computer programs that perform defined tasks without any specific programming. While an ML scientist focuses on the theoretical part of machine learning, an ML engineer applies those approaches for practical problem-solving. 

4. Computer Vision Engineer 

Average Salary: US$134,346 

Computer vision is a sub-field of AI that relates to the "seeing" ability of the machines. This technology powers object recognition systems. A computer vision engineer applies deep learning algorithms to solve problems around image recognition and processing. 

5. Data Scientist 

Average Salary: US$130,503 

A data scientist is someone who extracts value out of data. They analyze data from various sources and understand how businesses perform and build AI tools that can automate certain business functions. The duties typically include creating ML tools or processes within the company that can churn data into insights. 

6. Data Engineer 

Average Salary: US$125,999

Data engineers are responsible for identifying trends in data sets and developing algorithms that will make the raw data useful to the company. This role demands technical skills and deep knowledge of SQL databases and many programming languages. 

7. Algorithm Engineer

Average Salary: US$104,112

Algorithms engineers differ from software engineers as their work focuses on designing, analyzing, and implementing, and optimizing existing algorithms. They usually hold a master's or Ph.D. in computer science-related fields and are fluent in several programming languages like C++ and Java. 

8. Computer Scientist 

Average Salary: US$97,850 

Computer scientists create the main functionings of a device. The role revolves around thinking and conceptualizing computational and mathematical challenges, developing new products and solving computing problems, conducting research on experimentation and modeling, and improving the performance of existing computer systems and software.

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