Global Education and Alibaba Cloud Unite to Foster AI Talent

Know about global education and Alibaba Cloud unite to foster AI talent
Global Education and Alibaba Cloud Unite to Foster AI Talent

Currently, with the emergence of artificial intelligence (AI), a rapid increase in the need for professionals in this field is observed. However, noticing this, Alibaba Cloud, the digital technology and intelligence arm of Alibaba Group, has set off on a journey to collaborate with educational institutions worldwide to nurture AI professionals of the new generation.

The economy was showcased during the Alibaba Cloud Global Summit held in Paris, where Selina Yuan, the president of international business Alibaba Cloud Intelligence, reaffirmed the company’s focus on AI advancement. As the demand for Artificial Intelligence increases at a fast pace in all sectors, Yuan reiterated Alibaba’s decision to increase investment in AI framework and improve the capacities of cloud in global markets. This commitment is not only to the physical structure; it is more of a commitment to individuals. Another partner of Alibaba Cloud is AI, and its plan includes not only creating a Global Partnership for capacity building but also strengthening education to produce AI talent.

Expanding Infrastructure and Partnerships

Alibaba is to announce its first cloud region in Mexico, with further data centers in Malaysia, the Philippines, Thailand, and South Korea in the next three years. There were intentions in the expansion, with aims to improve its portfolio of cloud and AI products, to nurture global partnerships, and to nurture AI personnel.

Cultivating AI Expertise Through Education

Education is, therefore, the key to talent development, which is the focus of this paper. Alibaba Cloud has made an effort to partner with several universities across the globe to incorporate cloud computing and courses in artificial intelligence, such as the University of Reading, Singapore University of Social Sciences, and King Mongkut’s University of Technology Thonburi. The aim is to develop a new generation of specialists who can contribute to the development of artificial intelligence-related fields in the economy.

Generative AI Development Platform

Alibaba Cloud is also invested in generative AI, with its recent development offering in the form of Model Studio, which will be soon released globally. This allows enterprises and developers to integrate with Alibaba Cloud’s Qwen large language model family and other APIs, SDKs, services, and tools for custom AI applications to be built.

Training and Certification

Alibaba Cloud Academy, the training and certification arm of Alibaba Cloud, has released the Alibaba Cloud Certified Associate (ACA) Generative AI Engineer Course. This course provides information about what really matters in generative AI technology and tries to prepare the learners for using generative AI apps on Alibaba Cloud platforms. Alibaba Cloud believes that AI will power the future of work and pledges to invest in the cultivation of digital talent and the demystification of the technology by incorporating the learn-imagine-apply model in the course.


The global education and Alibaba Cloud partnership is a significant milestone in the efforts to mitigate the AI talent deficit. Through such educational-cum-infrastructure growth and cooperation, Alibaba Cloud is pushing itself as one of the rear global contenders in the AI market. It is also enabling the general populace and countless enterprises to grasp AI’s opportunity and potential in their quests for progression in the digitalized world.

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