From Buildings to Streets, Singapore Emerges as the Largest Digital Twin Country

From Buildings to Streets, Singapore Emerges as the Largest Digital Twin Country

Singapore becomes the largest twin digital city, with help of AI and Machine Learning; Vizzio cloned the entire city.

Succinctly summarized, a digital twin is a digital representation of a physical asset. In order to generate real-time insights on the performance of the physical asset, it simply gathers data using sensors, drones, or other IoT and Industrial IoT tools, and then applies advanced analytics, machine learning (ML), and artificial intelligence (AI). The technology has great promise for the development of smart cities all around the world.

Singapore, according to the World Economic Forum, has the most sophisticated digital twin to date. Singapore has really gained a reputation for being among the smart city digital twins that is more sophisticated. Even as early as 2014, the nation debuted Virtual Singapore, a digital portrayal of the nation. These digital twins, or representations, were essentially created to support policy decisions, test new technologies, and facilitate collaboration between government agencies inside a realistic city model. But that's not all; thanks to efforts and initiatives taken by numerous businesses and even government agencies, the nation quickly embraced digital twin technology. Vizzio Technologies released what it calls the "world's largest" digital twin of a country not long after GPS Lands Singapore finished work on the "world's first" digital twin of the whole country.

In less than two weeks, Vizzio produced a 1:1 scale model of 3D Singapore that was divided into 728,000,000 identical 1 square meter tiles using satellite photos and artificial intelligence. This Singapore-based technology firm specializes in building and virtualizing digital realities and has essentially "cloned" the entire city-state of Singapore by creating a digital twin using artificial intelligence (AI), complete with photo real renditions from aerial to building to the street level to indoors in a seamless interactive 3D tour.

According to Vizzio, the enormous semantic 3D environment was created solely utilizing satellite data and the company's AI-based 3D City Modeling technology called "GEO EARTH." Essentially, even in poor circumstances and with partial information, GEO EARTH has a keen understanding of how various buildings appear from an aerial perspective. According to the statement, "The machine learning system Vizzio built has the ability to extrapolate from imperfect outlines by taking into account the neighborhood (residential versus commercial), roof type (slanted versus flat), and other factors such as the presence of air conditioning units and more."

The data enables the computers to produce a convincing 3D reconstruction of structures, including entire cities, and in the end, the capability to update 3D models of cities thus, improving business propositions.

Additionally, the business claimed that it is capable of cloning the entire planet earth on a large scale. The company described this capability as "both dimensionally exact and very resilient, that is ready for deployment by government and commercial groups." According to the business, its DEEP generative models can map any city in the world without the use of photogrammetry drones by learning to combine realistic photos from 64 different global sources. "This is a first for the world and Singapore. Any enterprise that needs the latest, dynamic, 3D model of Singapore is welcome to work with Vizzio, according to the statement.

Given that digital twins are virtual representations of physical items and a gateway to the metaverse, Vizzio announced that it would also be releasing a metaverse version of Singapore and the entire world for amusement and gamification. In the future, businesses will be able to sell their brands and products via the company's metaverse superapp, which will be based on an exact 1:1 reproduction of Earth and be "completely AI and machine learning based," according to Vizzio.

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