ExpressionEdits Raises $13M Funding for Protein Expression

ExpressionEdits secures $13M in funding to advance protein expression technology
ExpressionEdits Raises $13M Funding for Protein Expression

A biotechnology company that optimizes protein expression through AI and proprietary intronization technology announced today a US$13 million seed funding round led by Octopus Ventures and Red Alpine, with participation from Wilbe Capital, BlueYard Capital, Acequia Capital, Hawktail and Amino Collective.

The firm, founded in 2021 by Dr. Kärt Tomberg, Professor Allan Bradley, and Dr. Liliana Antunes, is based on the University of Cambridge research. It uses patented intronization technology to revolutionize gene design by imitating the natural genetic landscape. ExpressionEdits funding has significantly improved gene expression by deliberately integrating several short noncoding DNA regions known as introns into artificial genes, resulting in higher protein output.

The investment will help to speed candidate selection for preclinical research and create a pipeline of protein-based medicines. The pipeline will primarily focus on recombinant proteins, which have historically encountered production and manufacturing issues due to present technologies.

"At ExpressionEdits, we're revolutionizing gene expression by putting introns back where they belong, resulting in significant improvements in production," said Dr. Kärt Tomberg, CEO & Co-Founder. "Our technology enables precise decisions on which introns to employ, where to position them, and how many, resulting in unparalleled levels of protein production. Our objective is to be pioneers in making protein therapies widely available and accessible to patients.”

The company's AI-powered platform blends millions of biological data points with machine learning algorithms, allowing for automatic gene design optimization. This groundbreaking approach enables ExpressionEdits funding to forecast and prioritize critical gene features, allowing the synthesis of hitherto elusive therapeutic proteins.

"We believe that the ExpressionEdits platform can become the fabric for any protein expression system, from antibody manufacturing to in vivo therapeutics," stated Dr. Hugo Villanueva, an Octopus Ventures investor. "We're excited to support Kärt and the ExpressionEdits team to revitalize healthcare through their mission of improving protein expression to produce novel genetic medicines."

"ExpressionEdits reveals the importance and opportunities of introns, which were previously relegated to the dark matter of the human genome," stated Michael Sidler, Founding Partner at Redalpine. "Their innovative intronization method enables the expression and precise regulation of exceedingly complex molecules that were previously thought to be unachievable. This is a remarkable new frontier in the science of recombinant protein treatment, and we are confident that ExpressionEdits will lead the way in its fast expansion”.

ExpressionEdits' Genetic Syntax Engine is a computational gene editing technology that employs powerful artificial intelligence and deep biological insights to anticipate and redesign genes in order to unleash protein expression across treatment modalities. The method intends to increase the efficacy and accuracy of gene treatments by allowing for smaller dosages to attain therapeutic levels, hence reducing toxicity and expanding the genetic toolkit to facilitate the targeting of specific tissues and protein expression levels.

About ExpressionEdits

ExpressionEdits funding is a pioneering biotechnology business based in Cambridge, UK. It uses superior artificial intelligence and unique intron technologies to improve protein expression. ExpressionEdits is dedicated to revolutionizing genetic medicine via creative research and development.

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