Ex-Tech Mahindra India Business Leader Begins AI Startup

Ex-Tech Mahindra India Business Leader Begins AI Startup

Former Tech Mahindra India business leader launches AI startup, explores new frontiers in technology innovation

Jagdish Mitra, former India business head of Tech Mahindra, has embarked on a new journey by establishing an AI startup, signaling his strong belief in the transformative power of artificial intelligence. With a proposed initial AI startup investment ranging from Rs 65-80 crore, Mitra's venture is poised to make significant waves in the AI landscape, aiming to redefine industry norms and drive innovation.

The startup, set to commence operations within the next three months, marks Mitra's bold step towards leveraging AI to address critical challenges across various sectors. "We will start going to customers in 8-12 months. Initially, we will invest USD 8-10 million," Mitra stated, underlining the ambitious yet calculated approach of the venture.

In a candid conversation with PTI, Mitra emphasized the shifting paradigm in the tech industry, highlighting the need to move from a cost-driven proposition to a value-driven one. "Cost arbitrage factor, driven by manpower, is going to be seriously impacted. It will be driven by values," Mitra emphasized, underscoring the fundamental shift in the industry's ethos.

The startup, positioned to operate in the manufacturing, retail, and sports tech sectors, aims to bridge the gap between AI innovation and practical application. Mitra's vision for the company involves harnessing AI to deliver tangible value, rather than merely focusing on complex and costly endeavors. "Our focus will be on short language models and delivering value in factory output," Mitra elucidated, shedding light on the startup's pragmatic approach to AI utilization.

In an industry where the race to develop cutting-edge AI models often dominates headlines, Mitra's emphasis on delivering value through practical solutions offers a refreshing perspective. "There should be a share in the value of outcome that the AI model achieves in factory output," Mitra asserted, signaling his commitment to aligning AI advancements with tangible business outcomes.

Tech Mahindra's head Mitra's startup journey isn't just about disrupting traditional norms; it's about redefining the very essence of AI adoption in the business landscape. "The future of the tech industry is not about the cost of resources developing AI models but it will have to be based on the value it delivers," Mitra affirmed, encapsulating the core philosophy driving his entrepreneurial endeavors.

With a keen focus on enhancing productivity, Mitra envisions AI as a catalyst for driving meaningful change across industries. "Every industry will use AI for value addition and improve productivity," Mitra asserted, highlighting the universal applicability of AI-driven solutions in enhancing operational efficiency and driving growth.

Mitra's pragmatic approach extends beyond technology to encompass business strategy, with a keen eye on collaboration and partnership. "My go-to market strategy will be with SAAS (software as a service) and firms that have less than USD 2 billion revenue," Mitra revealed, outlining his strategic roadmap for market penetration and growth.

As Mitra embarks on this transformative journey, his vision for the startup transcends mere business aspirations; it's about pioneering a new era of AI innovation rooted in practicality, collaboration, and tangible value creation. With his wealth of experience and unwavering commitment to excellence, Tech Mahindra AI startup is poised to carve a distinct niche in the ever-evolving landscape of technological innovation.


Tech Mahindra's venture into the realm of AI startups embodies a visionary pursuit of leveraging technology for tangible impact. His commitment to shifting the industry paradigm from cost-driven to value-centric reflects a deep understanding of the evolving tech landscape. By focusing on practical AI solutions that deliver measurable outcomes, Mitra seeks to revolutionize how businesses harness AI for growth and efficiency. With an emphasis on collaboration and strategic partnerships, his startup is poised to navigate the complexities of market penetration and emerge as a frontrunner in the AI space. As Mitra embarks on this transformative journey, his unwavering dedication to excellence and innovation promises to usher in a new era of AI-driven value creation, shaping the future of technology and business alike.

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