Elon Musk's AI Venture: What Experts and Analysts Are Saying

Elon Musk's AI venture: Consider the opinion shared by Musk
Elon Musk's AI Venture: What Experts and Analysts Are Saying

Tesla’s CEO Elon Musk set the panel of discussion on the future of artificial intelligence and how it will affect the employment segment, setting a profound tone for the future of Elon Musk's AI Venture at the Viva Tech event that was held in Paris on the 23rd of May 2024, Thursday. Musk said that AI, a central focus of Elon Musk's AI Venture, will eventually replace all jobs. "None of us will likely work anymore," Musk said, according to CNN.

However, Mask proposes that this shift is not bad, rather going to take on the super smart generation. Musk said that he sees a future where work is "optional," meaning that people would work out of curiosity rather than need. Musk said that if you want to work as a hobby, then you can work as a hobby. But other than that, AI and robots will deliver whatever goods and services you want, Musk said.

During his speech he stated, Musk named artificial intelligence (AI) as his greatest fear. He mentioned Ian Banks’s best-selling dystopian novel, “The Culture Book Series,” as the most precise and realistic vision of a society ruled by AI.

Mask on Universal High-Income

Musk said that in a world where jobs are "optional to be successful," there will need to be "a universal high income." This is not the same as a universal basic income (UBI). Musk didn't go into much detail about what universal high income is, but it's different from a UBI, which is a government program that provides a fixed amount of money to everyone regardless of how much they earn.

Musk said that a universal high income might be more important than a UBI to support people in a world where there are fewer traditional jobs due to advances in artificial intelligence. This approach would ensure that people have enough money to live a good life, even if they don't have a job, Musk said.

Musk on AI

"There would be an abundance of goods and services," Musk said. "AI capabilities have grown exponentially in the last few years, so much so that regulators, businesses, and consumers are still grappling with how to use the technology responsibly."

Musk has previously expressed his worries about AI. In his keynote speech on Thursday, he called it "the biggest fear I've ever had about this technology." He cited Ian Banks' book, Culture Book Series, as "the most realistic and best-argued vision of a future AI society."

Musk On the Role of Humans in the World of AI

Elon Musk asked if people would feel fulfilled emotionally in a world where there are no jobs. "I think the question will be one of purpose - if computers and robots can do everything more efficiently than you, will your life be more meaningful?" he said. "I think there might still be a role for people in this, in that we might be able to give AI purpose."

Musk also urged parents to monitor and limit the use of social media by their children. "Social media platforms are being programmed by an algorithm that maximizes dopamine," he said.

AI venture industry experts are constantly raising questions about how various sectors and jobs will change as AI becomes more widespread.

Elon Musk On Neuralink

He extensively discussed Neuralink throughout the discussion. The guest presented a brief clip demonstrating a patient controlling a cursor solely through their thoughts. Upon the guest's remark about its remarkable achievement, Musk continued to mention that through an implantable device, we can tackle nearly every injury to the brain or spine.

“The first product, telepathy, enables you to use your phone or computer by thinking. The next product, blindsight, will enable people who have lost their eyesight to see by interfacing with the optical processing areas of the brain,” he said.

Musk mentioned that Neuralink aims to develop a high-speed connection to reduce the danger posed by digital superintelligence. "The key challenge in aligning AI for the long term will be speed—how fast we can interact with our digital counterparts...Expanding this connection will be essential for aligning AI, addressing brain and spinal cord injuries, and possibly reviving the body," he explained.

Regarding the colonization of Mars, Musk emphasized that SpaceX's objective is to establish life beyond Earth. He stated that they plan to deploy an unmanned Starship to Mars within the next five years, with hopes of sending humans there within seven to eight years.


In conclusion, Musk, who is well-known for his strong views on AI, has now stated that jobs will soon become optional in the phase of the rapid growth of Elon Musk's AI Venture. The Tesla CEO made this statement during his keynote speech at VivaTech's 2024 Conference.

Musk said that in the future, people will be able to pursue jobs as a "hobby". He believes that AI robots will be able to provide most of the goods and services a person would want. Musk said that if people want to pursue a job, they can do it as a job. However, if they want to pursue a hobby, they can do that as well. "AI and robots can provide any kind of goods and services you want," he said in his virtual speech.

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