Edtech Giant BYJU’S Places Huge Bets on AI, Launches Transformer Models

Edtech Giant BYJU’S Places Huge Bets on AI, Launches Transformer Models

Edtech giant BYJU'S places huge bets on AI and launches transformer models to transform the business

As the edtech giant makes significant investments in AI to alter many facets of its company, BYJU'S presented three transformer models to improve the quality of its services and streamline the learning and customizing experience for its students.

A predictive AI algorithm called Badri is designed to spot when students may start to struggle with certain ideas. This strategy proactively provides suggestions to fill any discovered knowledge gaps, promoting lifelong learning.

Another specialized approach, called MathGPT, can solve any arithmetic issue while helping pupils with relatable analogies and visuals. The third model, TeacherGPT, works as an AI-powered assistant that gives students individualized help and grades their replies.

Byju's AI model demonstrates an enhanced capacity to contextualize training by taking into account the student's interests to make learning more enjoyable. For a student who is enthusiastic about cricket, for example, the AI model can modify its teaching approach to incorporate analogies from the game to clarify difficult ideas.

The most valued startup in India said that Byju's "Wiz" suite's transformer models had been painstakingly trained on the billions of contact points of Byju's student base. According to Dev Roy, Chief Innovation and Learning Officer at Byju's, the models, whose accuracy is roughly 87%, have been meticulously calibrated to guarantee that they work within the parameters of the particular curriculum.

According to him, Byju's, which also uses ChatGPT to encourage content creation, has modified the models to optimize costs and set boundaries.

According to him, almost every part of a student's trip to Byju's would be touched by the transformers. The platform has included Badri throughout the main offering to continuously evaluate students' learning based on their consumption patterns. According to him, every student would receive recommendations and assessments that are specifically tailored to them.

Roy demonstrated how MathGPT uses information from GeoAlgebra, a startup that the edtech company purchased in late 2021, to solve equations and provide visual help. Every edtech service Byju's provides, according to him, will use AI in the ensuing quarters.

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