EagleAI: Eagle Eye’s AI Solution for Retail Data Science

EagleAI: Eagle Eye’s AI Solution for Retail Data Science

Elevate retail with EagleAI: Your ultimate AI-powered solution for precision in retail data science

In a groundbreaking move, Eagle Eye, a leading Software as a Service (SaaS) business specializing in loyalty, personalized promotions, and omnichannel marketing solutions, has introduced EagleAI. This cutting-edge, AI-powered data science solution is tailor-made for the grocery and retail sectors, aiming to redefine the global standard for retail personalization.

EagleAI: A Customer-Centric Approach

EagleAI is designed to address the unique wants and needs of customers on an individual level. By automating the process of connecting and structuring customer data across various touchpoints, EagleAI utilizes advanced machine learning and AI to create personalized offers, setting a new benchmark for retail personalization. The goal is to optimize promotional spending, increase Return on Investment (ROI), and foster true one-to-one engagement, ultimately driving customer loyalty.

Tim Mason's Vision: Personalization as the Golden Rule

Tim Mason, CEO of Eagle Eye, envisions EagleAI as a significant step in powering the personalized marketing revolution. Mason emphasizes that personalization in retail is akin to the Golden Rule – treating people as they would like to be treated. With EagleAI, retailers can implement this principle efficiently and at scale, offering a real, scalable, and efficient way to engage with customers on a personal level.

The Core of EagleAI: Advanced Data Science

At the heart of EagleAI lies a set of machine learning algorithms that consider factors such as product affinity, shopping predictions, promotional responsiveness, and budgetary controls. These algorithms work together to create and target personalized offers for individuals. EagleAI acts as the "brain" of the Eagle Eye AIR platform's nervous system, facilitating the real-time execution of an unlimited range of offers across every customer touchpoint.

The Unique Power of EagleAI

EagleAI's uniqueness lies in its ability to build personalization at the individual level and execute it at scale. While other retail data science marketing platforms may offer personalization, they cannot often deliver individual offers to a vast customer base. Traditional mass marketing, on the other hand, can reach large groups but fails to provide personalized offers. EagleAI, with its combination of individualized offers and real-time, scalable execution, stands out as a powerful solution.

The Genesis of EagleAI: Untie Nots Acquisition

Eagle Eye's development of EagleAI was spurred by its acquisition of Untie Nots, a Paris-based SaaS company with proven AI capabilities, in early 2023. Leveraging the expertise of the Untie Nots team and the power of the Eagle Eye AIR platform, EagleAI emerged as a standalone solution under the Eagle Eye Group umbrella. The integration of Google Cloud technology, including Vertex AI, further enhances its capabilities.

Empowering Businesses with EagleAI

Zyed Jamoussi, co-founder of Untie Nots, envisions EagleAI as a tool to empower businesses to personalize the entire customer experience while maximizing ROI. The platform enables retailers to manage promotional, loyalty, and media investments for each customer across all business units. This capability creates winning scenarios not only for businesses but, more importantly, for consumers who receive compelling and entirely personalized promotions.

Consumer Expectations and EagleAI's Role

In a data-driven era, consumer expectations for personalization are high. According to McKinsey data, 71% of consumers expect personalized experiences and 76% express frustration when it is lacking. EagleAI addresses this demand by optimizing customer communications, putting customers at the center of decision-making, and crafting relevant offers. The result is more rewarding connections and deeper relationships between retailers and their customers.

Strengthening Retailer-Supplier Relationships

EagleAI is strategically positioned to strengthen retailer-supplier relationships. By offering a proven route to build customer loyalty, increase share of wallet, recruit new customers, drive cross and upsell activity, and launch innovations, EagleAI for data science opens new avenues for collaboration between retailers and their supplier partners.

EagleAI represents a significant leap toward an AI-assisted future for forward-thinking retailers. Tim Mason expresses excitement about the platform's potential to unlock the full potential of customer data, creating a brighter future for retailers who embrace the power of personalized marketing.

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