DeepMap: Implementing Artificial Intelligence into Safe Autonomous Vehicle Industry

DeepMap: Implementing Artificial Intelligence into Safe Autonomous Vehicle Industry

DeepMap is eliminating road accidents with artificial intelligence and computer vision

DeepMap leverages cutting-edge technologies like artificial intelligence to enhance mapping capabilities for the autonomous vehicle industry. It is a part of NVIDIA for scaling worldwide map operations and expanding the full-self driving expertise of NVIDIA. AI models are used to build high-definition maps to navigate the world without any potential accident. AI strategies of DeepMap are useful for NVIDIA to keep up with the unique vision and technology. Let's explore the implementation of AI in DeepMap to enhance the automotive industry efficiently.

The integration of artificial intelligence in mapping can help in proper localization with constant upgradations. Maps are popular for showing the real-time road conditions with different situations to eliminate accidents and wrong driving directions. AI strategy of DeepMap is toprovide essential data with fast processing and minimal data storage. It has a wide array of potential customers across the world with sufficient experience of mapping technology. AI in DeepMaphas successfully developed a solution that acts as a map creator as well as map consumer efficiently and effectively.

NVIDIA drive has determined to work with DeepMap's AI models as a software-defined and end-to-end platform. It provides services such as deep neural network training as well as validation in the data centre. Artificial intelligence technology of DeepMap will thrive with the mapping and localization functionalities on NVIDIA Drive.

DeepMap is a California-based software company founded in 2016. It has specialization in autonomous driving, computer vision, object detection, machine learning, computational geometry, artificial intelligence, and 3D mapping. It is said that the collaboration of NVIDIA with DeepMap is suitable for producing economical as well as safe map solutions for smart vehicles in the upcoming future.

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