Dall E-2 can Create Its Own Secret Code! Is It Communicating with Aliens?

Dall E-2 can Create Its Own Secret Code! Is It Communicating with Aliens?

We can use OpenAI Dall-E 2 to connect with the aliens and the outer world in the nearby future

OpenAI Dall-E 2 has gained sufficient attention from the global internet users with its cute and adorable images. The new text-to-image generator has started leveraging artificial intelligence and diffusion model to produce unimaginable images on the basis of a text prompt. Dall-E 2 is determined to transform the creative content with surreal pictures along with the implications for copyright as well as intellectual property. The main information that has shocked the entire global tech market is that OpenAI Dall-E 2 has invented its own secret code and language in the artificial intelligence diffusion model. It can talk about objects with this secret language. Can it communicate with aliens then? The world can expect to meet aliens by communicating with them through the newly created Dall-E 2 secret language.

Dall-E 2 and its secret language in 2022

Recently, Dall-E 2 has claimed that the diffusion model of OpenAI has created its own secret codes for different kinds of objects. One of the key examples of this artificial intelligence model is as follows:

Birds are known as Apoploe vesrreaitais whereas bugs are known as Contarra ccetnxniams luryca tanniounons.

If anyone wants to order Dall-E 2 to post a picture of birds eating bugs, the artificial intelligence diffusion model with text-to-image generator capability will take it as Apoploe vesrreaitais eating Contarra ccetnxniams luryca tanniounons.

The secret language for vegetables is Vicootes, as well as sea creatures that a whale might eat, is known as Wa ch zod rea. Dall-E 2 can produce fish images after typing Placoactin knunfidg.

OpenAI Dall-E 2 is using sort of Latin words instead of English with a wide variety of real-time data collected from the internet. This data can include a collection of non-English words in the large natural language artificial intelligence diffusion models. This text-to-image generator is using an approach known as Byte-Pair Encoding. This Byte-Pair Encoding can be one of the key factors to having a better understanding of the secret language of OpenAI artificial intelligence model.

Meanwhile, if anyone removes any individual character from this secret language, Dall-E 2 cannot generate the proper picture. It will corrupt the generated images in particular ways. Thus, it shows that it is not necessary to combine words for generating coherent compound images with a secret language.

A group of scientists is claiming that the secret language of this text-to-image generator is an example of an adversarial attack against a machine learning system for artificial intelligence to not handle very well. It has been speculated that artificial intelligence can interpret secret language in unintended ways as well as interpret meaningful words in unintended ways efficiently. This kind of attack is highly risky for security concerns — users can use abusive content with the help of this secret language in Dall-E 2.

That being said, the sudden emergence of the secret language from OpenAI Dall-E 2 is creating high concerns related to robustness, interpretability of deep learning systems, and many more. But the global tech market has started creating fun that this artificial intelligence diffusion model can communicate with aliens through this gibberish language.   

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