Convergence of Megatrends Develops Juncture for AI, Big Data and Cloud Technologies

Convergence of Megatrends Develops Juncture for AI, Big Data and Cloud Technologies

The emerging trends of disruptive technologies are making it transparent that as the enterprise technology development accumulates its focus on the digital workplace, the convergence of megatrends and technologies proves to be a game-changer in their initiatives.

The convergence of three significant life-changing technologies – Artificial Intelligence (AI), Cloud and Big Data, is making work more intelligent to cope with the rising difficulties in managing voluminous data and competitive market.

All of the three technologies, till now, have been used in a separate form yet their work chains were quite interestingly linked. The companies dealing in with current disruption cannot survive on any one of these, in one or the other way they need to incorporate AI, big data and cloud technologies altogether.

Instead of using them separately which consumes a lot of time and money, organizations can embrace a converged approach to enhance the efficiency of their businesses.

Notably, big data is the large set of data produced by any organization and cloud is the digitized and convenient platform to access these datasets. In other words, if big data is the information generated then the cloud is the medium to get that information. Further AI adds an innovative touch to this chain while giving meaning to the patterns and data received. Using such data, AI can develop a store of knowledge that will ultimately enable accurate predictions and insights about consumer activity.

AI and big data are already inseparable but with the influx of voluminous information, the issue of storage capacity invites cloud services to the picture. The enormous rate at which data is rising, it cannot fit into traditional architectures. The introduction of cloud computing services has made big data processing and analysis less costly assignments. Cloud is increasingly being used to effectively store and utilize the unstructured or semi-structured data of an organization.

Also, the perfect blend of cloud and AI can prove to be revolutionary where AI as a service can improve existing cloud computing solutions and carves a new path towards development.

Additionally, several major companies believe that the fusion of AI, cloud computing and big data at a converged platform will bring a significant change in the landscape of the technology industry. Public cloud providers continue investing in the AI and big data technologies to attract the right set of clients to this convergence of megatrends. Although the converged technology is still at its infancy, the evolution is yet to bolster the inevitable and phenomenal advancements in the future.

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