China’s New AI Hides Words Connected to Historic Massacres

China’s New AI Hides Words Connected to Historic Massacres

Over the past decade, China has successfully built a strong foundation that can support an evolving AI foundation. The country's AI initiatives have enabled its scientists to contribute abundantly to artificial intelligence research and development. According to certain reports, China has emerged as the top country on a global scale that possesses world-class AI vibrancy. Currently, AI adoption is soaring in China as the government is deploying the technology for various security, privacy, and monitoring purposes. Nonetheless, the country is known for notorious military parameters and its high rate of AI adoption is being feared by some of the greatest world leaders.

Recently, Chinese tech giant Baidu developed a new AI art generator known as ERNIE-ViLG. While reviewing the tool, MIT researchers claimed that this new tool can make better anime art than its Western competitors. But there are also several issues with the tool, including the fact that it blocks words like Tiananmen Square, which is a key symbol of political activism in China.

China has always been big on censorship. Anything you post on your social media can be used against you, especially if you are talking about the leaders of the country. The leadership policies in China have always been criticized by global forums, and its toxic policy is quite clearly visible in this new AI tool. Censorship like this is actually new in artificial intelligence tools. The content generated by this tool is heavily moderated by Chinese authorities. Nevertheless, this AI art generator can give tough competition to other art generators. Besides, Baidu has trained the AI on a dataset containing 145 million image-text pairs through 10 billion parameters.

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